Monday, June 6, 2022

"The Different Story (World of Lust and Crime)" by Peter Schilling

Song#:  3844
Date:  03/25/1989
Debut: 92
Peak:  61
Weeks:  10
Genre:  Synthpop, Europop

Pop Bits:  The last time this German artist was on the US Pop chart was back in 1983 when he hit #14 with the indelible "Major Tom (Coming Home)" (#2 Dance, #8 Rock). It was a single from Shilling's English language debut album Error in the System, which was able to reach #61. In '85, he would record a follow up titled Things to Come, but its first single "Chill of the Night" failed to reach any US chart and the LP quickly disappeared. As '88 rolled in, it seems Schilling was experiencing a little burnout and needed a break, but before that he recorded this track for single release. Issued out in Europe in the fall of '88, it did fairly well even reaching #10 in Sweden. That seemed to prompt a US release of the single. It would do fairly well at Dance reaching #16. It would cross over to the Pop chart, but couldn't quite reach the top half of the chart. An album of the same title was also released, but beside the new song, the balance of the tracks were ones culled from his previous two albums - so basically a compilation album. It failed to chart. Schilling wouldn't record another English language album. He would keep his career going in Germany and Europe recording albums and touring.

ReduxReview:  I remember seeing this song on the chart and having loved "Major Tom" I went out and bought the single without hearing it. While the tune didn't come close to the spectacular dramatic synthpop of "Major Tom," it was still a pretty good song. The production was quite good and I liked the addition of the female voice (performed by Susanne Muller-Pi). It had a very European pop feel, which I liked, but I didn't think US audiences would really bite. It seemed to do fine in the clubs, but it couldn't get far on the Pop chart. With the tune stalling and disappearing, it left Schilling a one-hit wonder in the States.

ReduxRating:  7/10

Trivia:  This song was produced by Romanian-born Michael Cretu. A talented pianist, Cretu moved to Germany to attend music school and by the end of the 70s he was getting work as a studio musician and arranger while kicking off his own music career with a 1978 debut album. He soon began producing for other artists and in 1985 he started working with German singer Sandra. Co-writing and producing songs for her, the pair began to score hits immediately. Sandra would earn eight Top 10 hits in Germany including one #1. Cretu would work with other artists along the way including this single with Schilling. Cretu was doing well, but it would be a new project/concept he would come up with late in the decade that would take his career to a new level. Cretu and Sandra had moved to Ibiza and he build his own recording studio. He began working on a new age/worldbeat project and got other musicians involved, including his wife. After recording for eight months, Cretu was ready to release his creation. Naming the project Enigma, Cretu got the debut album MCMXC a.D. released. It would become a worldwide hit thanks to sensual dance track that included Gregorian chant, "Sadeness (Part 1)." That song would get to #5 in the US. The album would make it to #6 and eventually sell over 4 million copies. A second Enigma album, 1993's The Cross of Changes, would also do well reaching #9 and going double platinum thanks to the #6 hit "Return to Innocence." Enigma would continue to release albums over the years, but they were not as successful as the first two.


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