Blog Notes

Although the format may change over time, it basically consists of the following:

Song# = the numerical order of songs as I post them
Date = the date the song entered the pop chart
Debut = what position the song debuted at
Peak = the highest position the song peaked at
Weeks  = total number of weeks on the chart
Genre = general genre(s) of the song
PopBits = information on the song and artist
ReduxReview = a brief personal review of the song *
ReduxRating = on a scale of 1-10, how I would personally score the song

Where possible, a link to a Spotify version of the song will be made available. Obviously, you must have a Spotify account to hear the song (you can sign-up for free), but in order to listen from a mobile device you have to have premium Spotify, which is a pay-account. Or, look up the song on any other tunes site or YouTube for a listen.

* Just a note to all artists and/or composers of songs listed and reviewed here. Regardless of what my personal take is on the music, I do realize and respect the fact that you made it to the pop charts and I have not. So no disrespect if I happen to not care for a tune. I'm sickly jealous and envious that you made it, regardless whether I liked the song or not. So congrats and maybe in some little way I can help bring attention back to you and your music.

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