Friday, June 3, 2022

"Walking Through Walls" by The Escape Club

Song#:  3843
Date:  03/25/1989
Debut:  95
Peak:  81
Weeks:  6
Genre:  Pop, Rock

Pop Bits:  This English band's second album Wild Wild West became a #27 gold seller in the US thanks to a pair of Top 30 hits including the #1 gold selling title track. A third single was called for and this next track was selected. It didn't get very far spending only a few weeks near the bottom of the Pop chart. It would wrap up the run of the album and the band would head back to the studio to work on their follow up.

ReduxReview: This mid-tempo tune was a more leisurely outing from the band. Coming on the heels of two more urgent singles, the song's slightly soulful tone was a nice change of pace. However, it really wasn't single material. It played better as an album track. It lacked a hook that would stand out on radio. The band nearly became known as a one-hit wonder, but then a heartfelt ballad later in '91 would give them a second Top 10. Still, folks will mainly remember them from the kooky, catchy "Wild Wild West."

ReduxRating:  5/10

Trivia:  The band's third album, Dollars & Sex, would be ready for release in 1991. It would be produced by Peter Wolf (Starship, Wang Chung) with the band writing all the songs including the first single "Call It Poison." Unfortunately the tune got a bit of a cold reception and peaked outside of the Pop Top 40 at #44. However, the LP's second single, "I'll Be There" (not a remake of the 1970 #1 by the Jackson 5), would slowly catch on and eventually become a #8 gold seller (#27 AC). Oddly the hit didn't spark sales of the album, which stalled at a very minor #145. The song came about due to the band's label, Atlantic, wanting them to include a ballad on the LP that could be a single. The passing of a friend's wife that happened while the band was recording the album served as the inspiration for the song. The lyrics resonated with many folks and after being issued out as a single, it began to gain in popularity. It would give the band one last Top 10 hit. A third single would be issued out from the LP, but it would fail to chart and that would be it for Escape Club. They would go their own ways in '92.


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