Monday, October 31, 2022

"Smooth Up" by BulletBoys

Song#:  3967
Date:  07/22/1989
Debut:  96
Peak:  71
Weeks:  10
Genre:  Hard Rock, Glam metal

Pop Bits:  This outfit was able to reach the Pop chart for the first time with their remake of "For the Love of Money" (#78). It was the second single from their self-titled debut album. For a follow up, the label took the tactic of re-releasing the album's first single "Smooth Up." That tune initially peaked at #23 on the Rock chart, but failed to make the Pop chart. With a little more momentum and exposure provided by "For the Love of Money," the label chose to give "Smooth Up" another shot to do better. It did by finally making the Pop chart, but it didn't get all that far. Regardless, the album had already been selling well peaking at #34 and going gold.

ReduxReview:  I didn't care for their previous single and this one didn't do much for me either. Especially since the chorus sounded to me like it was ripped from Billy Squier's "The Stroke." That song was excellent. This one is not. It just lumbers along and doesn't really offer anything new or different from what other hair bands of the time were doing. Seems like the talent was there; they just didn't have the songs to complete the package.

ReduxRating:  4/10

Trivia:  The BulletBoys would return in 1991 with their follow up album Freakshow. Prior to it coming out, the band would release another interesting cover as a first single. They would issue out their version of the Tom Waits tune "Hang on St. Christopher." That song was originally written and recorded by Waits for his 1987 album Franks Wild Years. It would be released as a single, but would not make any chart. The BulletBoys version would make it to #22 on the Rock chart, but would miss the Pop chart. It would be their last single to reach any chart. The album did fairly well peaking at #68. It would also be their last album to chart. They would release two more album that didn't fare well before splitting. Since then, various iterations of the band have formed and have recorded albums. The original lineup of the band would get together in 2019 and tour together through to early 2022.


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