Friday, April 23, 2021

"Take It While It's Hot" by Sweet Sensation

Song#:  3472
Date:  04/09/1988
Debut:  87
Peak:  57
Weeks:  13
Genre:  Latin Freestyle

Pop Bits:  This female vocal trio released a pair of indie singles in '86/'87, including "Hooked on You" (#64 Pop), that helped them get a record deal with ATCO Records. Work began on a debut album titled Take It While It's Hot and once it was ready this title-track single was issued out. It would do well on the Dance chart reaching #14. That action helped the song cross over to the Pop chart where it got near the halfway point. Although it wasn't a major hit, the song kicked off a run of popular singles for the trio that would eventually culminate in a #1 Pop hit.

ReduxReview:  This track expanded on the Latin freestyle feel of their first single, which made it more club friendly, hence the better showing on the Dance chart. It was a well-crafted dance tune that was expertly produced, but it just didn't have a strong enough hook to take it further on the Pop chart, unlike singles from one of their competitors Exposé. As a club song, this one should definitely make folks shimmy on the dance floor, but as a pop single it didn't quite hit the mark.

ReduxRating:  5/10

Trivia:  Apparently, when this trio first formed they went by the name Sweet Temptation. Unfortunately (or fortunately because it happened early on), someone at Motown found out about the name and since it was so close to one of their superstar acts, The Temptations, the label sent word that they were not happy with the trio's choice. Wisely, the trio then updated their name to Sweet Sensation. That name could have gotten them in hot water as well as there had already been a group called Sweet Sensation to reach the Pop chart. The first Sweet Sensation was a 70s British soul band. Formed in '71, the majority of the eight-piece outfit originally hailed from Jamaica. They became popular in local pubs/discos and in '74 they found themselves competing on a British TV talent show called New Faces. They made it to that season's finale, but lost to an impressionist. The song they performed on the show was called "Sad Sweet Dreamer," which the public seemed to love. On the show's judging panel was producer/songwriter Tony Hatch. Impressed by the band, he got them signed to Pye Records. Their first single failed to chart, but then they released "Sad Sweet Dreamer." It got to #1 on the UK chart and then to #14 on the US Pop chart. A self-titled debut album followed in '75 and another single, "Purely By Coincidence," got to #11 in the UK. A few more singles would be released from the band over the next couple of years, but nothing charted and they were dropped by Pye. The band split soon after. How the new Sweet Sensation trio was able to used the previous band's name without issue is not known, but without a trademark or any ownership rights, multiple bands could use the same name especially if the first one has long been defunct.


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