Tuesday, April 20, 2021

"Like a Child" by Noel

Song#:  3469
Date:  04/09/1988
Debut:  94
Peak:  67
Weeks:  8
Genre:  Dance, Freestyle

Pop Bits:  Noel's first single, "Silent Morning," was a #6 Dance track that came close to cracking the Pop Top 40 (#47). To follow it up, this second single was issued out. It would do even better on the Dance chart getting all the way to #1. However, it wasn't as successful at Pop where it stalled near the bottom third of the chart. The track also made a brief showing on the R&B chart at #88. With two major dance hits under his belt, plans were finally hatched to record an album. It would be released around the same time as Noel's third single, "Out of Time," was pushed out. That song would be his second to top the Dance chart, but it did not get on the Pop chart. In late November of '88, his self-titled debut album would peak at a minor #126. This song would be Noel's last to make the Pop chart.

ReduxReview:  Noel's songs were definitely meant for the clubs. They had a freestyle grooviness that made them perfect for shakin' yer thang on the floor. He was also a handsome young guy, which certainly helped him in the gay clubs. His tracks were really about the beat and production. Yes, the melodies and lyrics helped, but it was all about getting butts on the dance floor. It certainly wasn't about his voice. The poor guy could barely carry a tune at the time. I'm sure he got better over the years, but on this first LP you could totally tell it was amateur hour. "Silent Morning" was his best moment. His other tracks, including this one, were basically more of the same, just not as good. "Like a Child" grooves along fine and I can hear how it got people excited in the clubs, but as a pop song it was not very hooky or memorable.

ReduxRating:  4/10

Trivia:  Double Shot!  1) After his trio of Dance hits, producer Tony Moran brought Noel into a dance/freestyle project he was heading up titled Concept of One. The project was basically being used to showcase Moran's production skills. He would write/co-write and produce tracks with several featuring guest vocalists. Moran would provide the vocals for the first single, 1989's "Dance with Me," which didn't get on the Dance chart, but did hit #32 on the maxi-single sales chart. The following year he had Noel provide the vocals and co-write the song "The Question." Again, it failed to make the Dance chart but got to #24 for sales. Moran would finally finish a full album under the Concept of One name. Neither it or a third single, "So in Love" (with Brenda K. Starr on vocals) made any chart.  2) Noel would move over to Mercury Records and in 1993 he released his second album, the more pop-oriented Hearts on Fire. The title track served as the first single, but it went nowhere. It seems Mercury quickly lost interest in Noel and no other single was issued out. The album then came and went to little notice and he was dropped by the label. Noel continued to perform over the years and issued out a few singles along the way. In July of 2020, he was involved in a motorcycle accident. His injuries were quite severe, but it seems that he has been on the way to making a recovery.


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