Sunday, February 4, 2018

"Save the Night for Me" by Maureen Steele

Song#:  2306
Date:  05/04/1985
Debut:  89
Peak:  77
Weeks:  5
Genre:  Dance-Pop, Synthpop

Pop Bits:  Singer Maureen Steele got her first break when she recorded the song "Boys Will Be Boys" for the 1984 Matt Dillon comedy The Flamingo Kid. The soundtrack was issued on Motown and the label gave Steele the opportunity to record a solo album. Titled Nature of the Beast, this first single, co-written by Steele, was pushed out. It got a little big of attention and was able to reach the Pop chart for a few short weeks. A follow-up single failed to do anything, but "Boys Will Be Boys" caught on in the clubs and would eventually be a #18 Dance hit in the fall of '85. After those results, Steele lost her contract with the label and her solo career came to an end. She did get some work throughout the balance of the 80s as a backup vocalist. She appeared on Smokey Robinson's final Motown LP, 1986's Smoke Signals, along with Apollonia's 1988 debut solo album. Steele ended up leaving the business and later worked in real estate with her husband Mike Volante. The pair also became LifeMastery consultants and do seminars and workshops regarding personal potential.

ReduxReview:  Is this a great song? No. Do I love it? Yes! I was in Boston for college when this song came out and a certain radio station I listened to played this song quite a bit. I dug the tune and bought the 45 (which I still have - and have transferred it digitally). I think I might have looked for the album, but never found it. The song and LP seemed to disappear quickly. I later heard the full album, but it all kind of paled in comparison to this song. The melody is excellent throughout the song and I especially like the rev up to the chorus. The song was well-crafted and the production is not bad for 80s synthpop. It reminds me of something Laura Branigan might have picked up to record. Steele's voice isn't all that distinctive, but she does solid work here. This is a lost gem from the era that I love to dig up every now and then.

ReduxRating:  8/10

Trivia:  Motown was primarily known as a label for black artists, but along the way there were a few white artists that were signed directly to the label. Steele happened to be one of them along with Star Search winner Sam Harris. Although singer Charlene was initially on the Motown subsidiary Prodigal, she signed direct with Motown following her career reviving hit "I've Never Been to Me." While a few other white artists did record directly for Motown, most were signed to one of the label's subsidiaries like Gordy, which was Teena Marie's home. In the late 60s, Motown decided to branch out into rock and created the Rare Earth label, which got its name from the Detroit band that got signed to the label. Kiki Dee was also on the label along with UK band the Pretty Things. The label was discontinued in 1978. Motown tried to develop another rock label in the early 80s with Morocco. Duke Jupiter recorded for the label and had some success, but Morocco closed up after two years.



  1. 7/10 for me. Steele's voice isn't all too strong, but I really like the beat. 👍