Sunday, November 22, 2015

"(Keep Feeling) Fascination" by Human League

Top 10 Alert!
Song#:  1470
Date:  05/28/1983
Debut:  72
Peak:  8
Weeks:  20
Genre:  Synthpop, New Wave

Pop Bits:  The band scored a major #1 hit in the US and UK with "Don't You Want Me" from their album "Dare!" Unfortunately, none of the follow-up singles from the album could get on the US Pop chart. However, in the UK the album spawned two more Top 10's while two new non-album singles, "Mirror Man" and this song, became hits with both reaching #2. While prepping their new album, they needed something to keep their US audience interested, so the two new songs combined with three others formed the EP "Fascination!" This song was issued as the first single and it got them back into the Pop Top 10 (#1 Dance, #14 Rock, #56 R&B). The EP would do well reaching #22.

ReduxReview:  As if the bass line, the synth lick, the hand claps, and the groove weren't enough to sell this song, they then toss in a solid chorus and cool vocal arrangement to cap it all off. It worked perfectly. I think some folks back then were wondering if the band was going to be a US one-hit wonder, but this song certainly put that thought to bed. I remember playing this in the car with friends and we'd sing along with each of us taking a part in the verses - the girls and guys doing their specific parts. I would do my favorite part - the deep "hey, hey-ee-hey, hey!" It's not quite a classic like "Don't You Want Me," but it comes awfully close.

ReduxRating:  9/10

Trivia:  The unexpected success of the "Dare!" album posed a bit of a problem for Human League. The label wanted a follow-up asap, but the band was not prepared to record a new album right away. A stopgap recording was needed in order to maintain their momentum. "Dare!" producer Martin Rushent had done remixes of songs from the album to serve as b-sides. He proceeded to do more and had enough to fill an album. With the remixes being mostly instrumental, the album was assembled and released as by The League Unlimited Orchestra, which was a takeoff on Barry White's disco-era Love Unlimited Orchestra. The LP was a hit in the UK reaching #3 and going platinum. The US didn't bite and it only mustered a #135 showing. However, the US would get "Fascination!" and that kept fans happy.


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