Friday, October 9, 2015

"You Can't Run from Love" by Eddie Rabbitt

Song#:  1426
Date:  04/23/1983
Debut:  73
Peak:  55
Weeks:  8
Genre:  Country Crossover, Adult Contemporary

Pop Bits:  Rabbitt scored his final pop Top 10 hit when his duet with Crystal Gayle, "You and I," reached #7 (#1 Country, #2 AC). It was the first single from his album "Radio Romance." This second single was another winner at Country where it became his twelfth #1. AC also embraced the tune and it reached #2 on that chart. However, pop wasn't as receptive and after seven straight Top 40 showings, Rabbitt's new tune failed to even get into the top half of the chart. The album wasn't a major hit either and it signaled that perhaps he had reached the apex of his charting career.

ReduxReview:  This is a weak single entry from Rabbitt. Coming on the heels of several terrific and memorable songs, this one pales in comparison. It's a good song, but there is nothing here that makes it stand out. At the bridge, the song revved up a bit and started to get interesting, but after a few bars, the brakes were applied and the original mid-tempo groove settled back in. It's not bad. Just ehh.

ReduxRating:  5/10

Trivia:  "You and I" was from Eddie Rabbitt's album "Radio Romance." It did not appear on Crystal Gayle's album, "True Love," that was released around the same time. While "You and I" was riding the Country chart, Gayle released her own solo single "Til I Gain Control Again." The song would end up at #1. Around the same time that Rabbitt issued "You Can't Run from Love," Gayle also released her follow-up tune "Our Love Is on the Faultline." That song would end up at #1 only to be replaced at the top spot by Rabbitt's single. Gayle would then go on to grab a third #1 from her album. All totaled, the country superstars scored five Country #1's from their albums.


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