Thursday, October 8, 2015

"Easy for You to Say" by Linda Ronstadt

Song#:  1425
Date:  04/23/1983
Debut:  77
Peak:  54
Weeks:  10
Genre:  Pop, Adult Contemporary

Pop Bits:  Ronstadt's album "Get Closer" was her first studio album to miss the Top 10 since 1973 (#31). The LP's first two singles, the title track (#29) and her remake of "I Knew You When" (#37), didn't exactly promote the album very well. Neither did this third single. After six straight platinum studio albums, Ronstadt had to settle for a gold disc. It was a signal that maybe she needed to change things up, which she would in a big way with her next album.

ReduxReview:  Just like the title track, I think had this song been released a few years earlier, it would have been a hit. For the 1983 period, this style of song was going to have a hard time finding its place among the popular new wave/R&B/rock tracks. It's a sultry track that Ronstadt perfectly delivers. It's one of several gems from her underrated "Get Closer" album.

ReduxRating:  7/10

Trivia:  Although Ronstadt wasn't having much luck on the pop chart with her singles from "Get Closer," there was one bright spot. This song ended up getting a lot of love from AC radio and it unexpectedly peaked at #7 on the AC chart. It was her first AC Top 10 in four years. The song was written by Jimmy Webb. He would revisit the song himself in duet form with Carly Simon for his 2013 album "Still Within the Sound of My Voice."



  1. A pretty song, but it doesn't ring a bell for me at all. Guess I was watching Friday Night Videos and listening to 38 Special in 1983.

    1. I loved Friday Night Videos! We didn't have cable back then so it was the one show I could watch for new videos. If I wanted to watch MTV, I had to go over to a friend's house. FNV kept me fairly up-to-date with new songs.

  2. We also had a local show in Bangor ME called All Hit Videos with radio DJ Chuck Foster. It kept going for 20+ years after FNV folded.

    1. I probably would have watched it had I lived near Bangor. But I lived outside of Portland for a couple of years. Love Maine!