Saturday, June 13, 2015

"Young Love" by Janet Jackson

Song#:  1287
Date:  12/18/1982
Debut:  79
Peak:  64
Weeks:  6
Genre:  R&B

Pop Bits:  The youngest of the Jackson clan never had her sights set on a career in music or even entertainment. She thought some acting jobs might help support herself while she pursued one of two career choices - an entertainment lawyer or a horse racing jockey. She did begin work acting with her siblings on their variety show "The Jacksons," but it was her roll as Penny on "Good Times" that got attention and lead to rolls on "Diff'rent Strokes" and "Fame." But there was pressure for her to follow the family business and after she finally decided that it might work, her father arranged a contract with A&M Records. Under the watchful eye of her dad, Jackson recorded her self-titled debut album. This first single didn't make much headway at pop, but it did well at R&B reaching #6. Reviews of the album were mixed and sales were tepid. It was a rocky start for the unseasoned sixteen-year-old singer.

ReduxReview:  I imagine it had to be intimidating to do this record with The Jackson's last two albums going platinum and "Thriller"-mania just about to hit. She probably didn't have too much choice when it came to this album, which for a teenager just starting out is not unusual. Unfortunately, the disc lacked quality material and it wasn't any better on her next LP. It seems too bad, but in retrospect, without these forced initial albums, we may not have been blessed with "Control." Growing pains are inevitable and I think she had plenty during this period. This song was pretty much the best offered up and she does well on this standard post-disco jam. However, you can tell she hadn't quite found her voice yet.

ReduxRating:  5/10

Trivia:  Half of Jackson's debut LP was co-written and produced by RenĂ© Moore and Angela Winbush, aka RenĂ© & Angela. The pair were having their own R&B hits while writing and producing for other artists like Jackson and Stephanie Mills. Their 1985 album "Street Called Desire" would be a major platinum hit for them that featured five R&B hits including two #1's. Unfortunately, personal issues would force the duo to break after that album. They both pursued solo careers with Winbush having the most success scoring five R&B Top 10's including her #1 solo debut single "Angel."


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