Thursday, June 11, 2015

"Are You Getting Enough Happiness" by Hot Chocolate

Song#:  1285
Date:  12/18/1982
Debut:  85
Peak:  65
Weeks:  7
Genre:  Funk, Soul

Pop Bits:  This British soul band became a popular mainstay on the UK charts beginning in 1970 when their second single, "Love Is Life," reached #6. Over the decade they amassed eight Top 10s along with several other chart entries. While enjoying great success in their homeland, their fortunes in the US were spotty. They first hit the pop chart in 1975 with the #8 "Emma." They would then go on to grab two gold records with the #3 "You Sexy Thing" and 1978's "Every 1's a Winner" (#6). Other than those hits, they could only muster a few minor chart showings. That included this song that lead off their album "Mystery." Its few weeks on the chart would be the last appearance for the band. In the UK, their luck continued as they grabbed three more Top 10's in the new decade. However, the band's successful run would end in 1986 when they called it quits.

ReduxReview:  Falling in line with the funky tunes that made them famous, this is another worthwhile addition. But once again, that 70s funk vibe was perhaps not hitting the ears of those who were turning to new wave and other 80s pop sounds. It's too bad because this is a nice jam that should have done better. These guys were never really critical darlings, but every now and then they could toss off a solid gem like this.

ReduxRating:  7/10

Trivia:  Double Shot!  1) The band first released this song in 1980. Originally titled "Are You Getting Enough of What Makes You Happy," the non-album single was released in the UK and reached #17 on the chart. For their album "Mystery," the band included this song, changed the title, and issued it as a single. It would end up being their final US pop chart entry.  2) In 1973, members of Hot Chocolate wrote the song "Brother Louis," which was recorded by the band. It was a hit in the UK reaching #7. A few month later, the New York band Stories covered the song and issued it as a single. It became a #1 smash in the US. A version of this song now famously graces the opening credits of the TV show "Louis."


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