Thursday, September 4, 2014

"Just to Satisfy You" by Waylon & Willie

Song#:  0975
Date:  04/03/1982
Debut:  85
Peak:  52
Weeks:  9
Genre:  Country

Pop Bits:  Waylon Jennings and Willie Nelson had collaborated before on two other country #1 singles and a
successful duet album, "Waylon & Willie" (#1 country, 1978). Jennings asked his pal back again for this song that appeared on Jennings' "Black on Black" album. It was another smash at country reaching #1 and it had enough support to make it almost halfway up the pop chart. At the time, Nelson was having his greatest crossover success, but for Jennings this single would be his final pop chart entry. However, Jennings would still spend the rest of the decade releasing a long string of country Top 10 hits.

ReduxReview:  Okay, so these guys are great and all that, but why does this just sound so lazy? I expected something a bit better than this. I don't think the song is bad, but the arrangement and delivery lack any kind of energy. It's like two old grandpa's on the porch singin' and watching the world pass by. There are passages where they basically mumble the title. This one had potential, but it turned out to be a snoozer.

ReduxRating:  4/10

Trivia:  With this song, Jennings is basically covering his own recording. Jennings wrote the tune with Don Bowman in 1963. It was picked up and recorded by Bobby Bare in 1965 and his single reached #31 on the country chart. Jennings recorded the song and put it on his album of the same name in 1969, however, the song was not issued as a single. Other country artists like Jerry Reed, Barbara Mandrell, and Glen Campbell recorded the song over the years, but it took Jennings' duet with Nelson to finally get the song to #1.


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