Thursday, May 8, 2014

"My Kinda Lover" by Billy Squier

Song#:  0834
Date:  11/28/1981
Debut:  82
Peak:  45
Weeks:  10
Genre:  Rock

Pop Bits:  Squier's third single from his hit album "Don't Say No" couldn't quite reach the Top 40, but it continued to help boost sales of the LP. Long after all the singles were finished charting, the album continued to sell and remain on the album chart for over two years, eventually going 4x Platinum. It remains his best-selling album.

ReduxReview:  During this time, pop radio was still resistant to rock (and to R&B/rap as well). Therefore, songs like this one, even though very popular, usually fared poorly on the pop chart. I think if Squier had come out a few years later when rock started to shake-up the pop chart (thanks in part to MTV's growth), all these early songs would have probably been Top 10 hits. But regardless of chart position, the songs have lasted a long time and they certainly helped to sell albums, which was the main goal anyway. While not as immediate as "The Stroke," this is another good tune from Squier.

ReduxRating:  7/10

Trivia:  Although not issued as a single, another song from the album became a rock radio hit. "Lonely Is the Night" garnered enough airplay to reach #28 on the Mainstream Rock chart. It actually did a little better than "My Kind of Lover," which peaked at #31.


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