Monday, April 14, 2014

"Trouble" by Lindsey Buckingham

Top 10 Alert!
Song#:  0795
Date:  10/24/1981
Debut:  74
Peak:  9
Weeks:  19
Genre:  Pop, Adult Contemporary

Pop Bits:  After the success/failure of Fleetwood Mac's epic "Tusk" album and subsequent world tour, the group took a little break which allowed a couple members to issue solo discs. Stevie Nicks was already high on the charts with her solo #1 debut "Bella Donna" when Buckingham's debut "Law and Order" was released. Buckingham's album was not nearly as successful as Nicks', but it did well thanks to this first single, which became his one and only Top 10 solo hit.

ReduxReview:  I've always liked this song and compared to a lot of his other work, this one is very restrained. It has a nice lite groove that wouldn't seem out of place on any latter day Mac album. He would go on to write better songs, but this one is easily his most accessible and hit-worthy solo record.

ReduxRating:  7/10

Trivia:  Buckingham's brother Greg was a competitive swimmer who participated in the 1968 Olympics in Mexico City. He won a silver medal in the 200-meter individual medley, an event where the US swept the podium. Unfortunately, Greg died of a heart attack in 1990. He was only 45.


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