Tuesday, November 27, 2012

"It's Not a Wonder" by Little River Band

Song#:  0155
Date:  05/03/1980
Debut:  84
Peak:  51
Weeks:  6
Genre:  Country Rock, Soft Rock

Pop Bits:  Little River Band was one of the first acts from Australia to break through in the US and remain continually successful for a long period of time. Beginning in 1976 they put songs on the chart for almost a decade. They hit the Top 10 in 1978 with "Reminiscing" (#3) and put three other songs there before this single from their live album "Backstage Pass" clipped their streak. But they would turn around and grab two more Top 10's the following year with their next studio album. (Note: the clip above is the studio version from their "First Under the Wire" album.)

ReduxReview:  Little River Band is one of those odd artists that I really like their hit songs but I just have not gotten around to getting a hits disc into my collection. Beyond the hits, I don't connect much with their music. Like this song, it's good but just nothing that really catches my ear. However, I have to like a group that has a member named Beeb Birtles - awesome name. Before LRB, he was in the group Zoot which featured a soon-to-be TV/pop star - Rick Springfield.

ReduxRating:  5/10

Trivia:  The band's name comes from a township in Australia. Apparently, they were on their way to a gig and saw a sign that pointed the way towards Little River and the name took hold.


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