Wednesday, October 3, 2012

"Girl With the Hungry Eyes" by Jefferson Starship

Song#:  0065
Date:  02/23/1980
Debut:  83
Peak:  55
Weeks:  6
Genre:  Rock

Pop Bits:  It might be hard to find any band in rock that has gone through as many personnel changes as Jefferson Starship (previously Jefferson Airplane, postly Starship). It was such a revolving door that Wikipedia had to dedicate a separate page to document all the lineups. With the exception of the "Starship" incarnation (which was the result of a lawsuit), Paul Kantner is the longest continuous member as a co-founder of Airplane through to current tours as Jefferson Starship. Throughout all the changes and their problems, it is really amazing that the group soldiered on and managed to make gold albums and put songs on the chart. During this time period, Marty Balin had left the group, Grace Slick was ejected, and they picked up a new lead singer with Mickey Thomas. The first album after these changes was "Freedom At Point Zero," which spawned the #14 single "Jane." "Girl..." was the follow-up single.

ReduxReview:  This song is a little...odd. "Jane" was a great rock song and this sounds like it was done by a totally different group. I can forgive the cheezy keyboard at the beginning (because it probably sounded cool back then) but this odd sci-fi boy-meets-girl talking about getting "together on the killing floor" with "violent lightning" is kinda whacked. It quickly chugs like a synthpop song but then you are slammed into a rock n' roll jam. It's all very bizarre and doesn't quite make sense. I think the Starship gone crazy!

ReduxRating:  3/10

Trivia:  As Airplane was fizzling, Kantner recorded a project called "Blows Against the Empire." Although it did not have the lineup that would make up the band later, it was the first album to see the Jefferson Starship name. The concept album was a sci-fi vision about a group of Earth folk escaping in a hijacked starship. In 1971 the album was nominated for a Hugo Award, which are given out to the best sci-fi/fantasy works each year. The album was nominated in the "Best Dramatic Presentation" category and was one of the rare musical works nominated for a Hugo.



  1. I wanted to not like this one, but it really grew on me (again). I had forgotten all about this song.

  2. I know. As I said earlier today, the song is really butt. However, it does kind of stick with you - like the smell that seeps out when you eat too much garlic. Guilty pleasure? Uh, not really sure. Still is more like guilty unpleasure when I hear it.

  3. Chart Run: 83 - 73 - 63 - 56 - 55 - 96