Tuesday, October 2, 2012

"Carrie" by Cliff Richard

Song#:  0064
Date:  02/23/1980
Debut:  84
Peak:  34
Weeks:  11
Genre:  Pop

Pop Bits:  Prior to 1976, Richard had very little chart success in the US. After he finally hit with "Devil Woman" (#6) he got a taste of some success here. But it could never rival what his career was like in his native UK. Beginning in the late 50s, the singer (with his backing group The Shadows in the 60s) amassed an amazing 69 Top 10 hits. He is the only singer in the UK to have a #1 song in each decade from the 50s to the 90s. So how could someone so gigantic in the UK only receive minor attention in the US? Could be the material, could be he wasn't in on the British Invasion, could be lack of promotion, could be...who knows? But it happens - just not usually on such a large scale. Richard was just coming off of his US Top 10 hit "We Don't Talk Anymore" when this follow-up was released. It scratched the Top 40, but far from the #4 peak in the UK.

ReduxReview:  This mysterious song has kind of a new wavy feel to it but might have been a bit too dark following the delicious smooth pop/rock of "We Don't Talk Anymore." Regardless, I kind of like the song and reminds me of something Rupert Holmes might have done. I also like how he pronounces the name "Cah-ree." Interesting track to check out.

ReduxRating:  7/10

Trivia:  This song was co-written by Terry Brittan who penned a lot of songs for Richard during this era including the aforementioned "Devil Woman." Brittan also wrote hits by Tina Turner ("What's Love Got to Do With It, "We Don't Need Another Hero") and songs for artists like Michael Jackson, Olivia Newton-John, and Bonnie Raitt.



  1. Yet another song by an artist I like that I've never heard. Cool!

  2. Chart Run: 84 - 74 - 66 - 59 - 51 - 45 - 40 - 35 - 34 - 47 - 86

    So Carrie lasted 11 weeks, not 10. ;)