Wednesday, April 5, 2023

"No Souvenirs" by Melissa Etheridge

Song#:  4093
Date:  11/04/1989
Debut:  95
Peak:  95
Weeks:  3
Genre:  Rock

Pop Bits:  Etheridge earned a Grammy nomination and a surprise gold record with her self-titled debut album (#22). While it would boast a pair of Rock Top 10s, the only single to make the Pop chart was the #94 "Similar Features." Hoping to expand on those results, Etheridge went on to record her second album Brave and Crazy. This first single would be issued out and it would become her third Rock Top 10 getting to #9. Yet once again Etheridge would find herself nearly locked out of the Pop chart with this tune spending a few minor weeks near the bottom. Still, the album would match the peak of her debut (#22) and would also go gold. Etheridge would also earn a second Grammy nomination for the album in the Best Rock Vocal Performance, Female, category. While she beat the sophomore slump, the results left Etheridge still looking for her mainstream breakthrough.

ReduxReview:  I loved Etheridge's debut album and couldn't wait for Brave and Crazy. This album-opening track/single didn't disappoint. It was a terrific tune that was radio-ready and I thought for sure it would get her into the Pop Top 40. Sadly, it got zero attention on pop radio and fizzled quickly. What a shame. The LP was a bit more hit-n- miss than her brilliant debut, but it still had some terrific tracks. However, this first single remains the standout. While she would tread water with her next album, Etheridge would finally reach the big time with her fourth album.

ReduxRating:  8/10

Trivia:  Double Shot!  1) A track from this album would later get picked up by a major country star. Trisha Yearwood would record "You Can Sleep While I Drive" for her '95 album Thinkin' About You (#3 Country/#28 Pop, platinum). The song would be releases as the LP's third single following a pair of Country #1s. It would do modestly well topping out at #23 Country.  2) Etheridge's third album Never Enough would replicate the results of her first two albums getting to #21 and going gold. The track "Ain't It Heavy" (#10 Rock) would earn Etheridge her first Grammy win. Yet once again, a significant Pop chart single eluded her. That would finally change with her fourth album, '93's Yes I Am. While the LP's first single "I'm the Only One" would falter on initial release, the second single "Come to My Window" took off and got to #25 Pop/#22 Rock/#4 AC (it would also win a second Grammy for Etheridge). With a foot finally in the door, "I'm the Only One" started to pick up momentum and on its second go-around it would make the Pop Top 10 at #8 (#10 Rock/#1 AC). It would end up being Etheridge's first and only Pop Top 10 hit. The album would sell over 6 million copies and make Etheridge a major star. The LP's success helped sell copies of her previous three albums. Two would go platinum while her debut would reach double-platinum status. Etheridge's '95 album Your Little Secret would be her first to crack the Top 10 at #6. It would go double-platinum. She would go on to record more successful albums and along the way earn ten further Grammy nominations. In 2007, a song she wrote for the Oscar-winning documentary An Inconvenient Truth, "I Need to Wake Up," would earn Etheridge an Oscar for Best Original Song.


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