Wednesday, December 21, 2022

"That's When I Think of You" by 1927

Song#:  4007
Date:  08/26/1989
Debut:  100
Peak:  100
Weeks:  1
Genre:  Pop, Rock

Pop Bits:  This Australian band was formed by guitarist/keyboardist Garry Frost. Frost had been a member of Moving Pictures, who scored a Top 30 hit in the US in 1982 with "What About Me." After Frost left the band in '84, he began to contemplate forming a new band. He began working on songs and scouting for members and it all fell together in '87 with Frost bringing in his brother Bill on bass, James Barton on drums, and Eric Weideman on lead vocals/guitar, whom he saw performing on a TV show. The band began performing and in '88 they were signed to Trafalgar Productions. They would issue out this first single in Australia in the summer of '88. It would do well getting to #6. As the song was shaping up to be a hit, the band would assemble their debut album ...ish. It would be released in November of '88 along with a second single, "If I Could." The song would get to #4 while the album would spend four weeks at #1. The LP would eventually go 5x platinum in Australia. With that success, 1927 was able to secure a distribution deal in the US with Atlantic Records. This first single would be pushed out and while it would be able to make the Pop chart, it would only be able to reach the lowest rung on the chart for one sole week. In doing so, it became the only single in the 80s to debut at the #100 spot and fall off the chart the next week. Due to that result, the album would fail to chart. (Oddly, the same week this song debuted on the Pop chart, a reissue of Moving Pictures' "What About Me" was climbing the chart.)

ReduxReview:  I've been waiting all the decade for a single to peak at #100 for one week on the chart and here it is! While that is kind of a cool fact, it wasn't necessarily deserved. The song is better than its chart result. It was a nicely done, driving pop/rock tune with a sweet chorus that sort of fell alongside bands like Cutting Crew and The Outfield. I would have pegged this for at least a Top 50 showing. It might not have been strong enough to really sail up the chart, but should have done better than a lone week at #100.

ReduxRating:  6/10

Trivia:  After the major success of ...ish at home in Australia, the band began work on a second album. However, conflicts within the band arose during the making of the LP and that led to founder Garry Frost leaving the band in 1990. The band would hire in a replacement and would finish off the album The Other Side. It would not be nearly as successful as their debut album. It would peak at #3 and go platinum mainly on the strength of the LP's lone Top 20 single, the #17 "Tell Me a Story," which was a track that Frost had written and co-produced prior to his departure. After a self-titled third album failed to do much in 1992, the band would split up. Lead singer/guitarist Eric Weideman would revive the 1927 name in 2009 and fill the band out with three new members. They would tour and release an album in 2013.


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