Monday, January 31, 2022

"A New Day for You" by Basia

Song#:  3742
Date:  12/10/1988
Debut:  86
Peak:  53
Weeks:  11
Genre:  Jazz-Pop, Sophisti-Pop, Adult Contemporary

Pop Bits:  Basia broke through in the US with her single "Time and Tide." While it wasn't a huge hit (#26 Pop/#19 AC), it definitely brought attention her way and folks started to buy her debut album of the same name. To keep things going, this second single was pushed out. It didn't quite catch on at Pop stopping short of the Top 50, but it did very well at AC where it became Basia's first Top 10 (#5). A third single, "Promises," would also make the AC Top 10 at #8, but it would fail to reach the Pop chart. Despite the dwindling support at pop radio, the album became a success reaching #36 and going platinum.

ReduxReview:  "Time and Tide" was a bit unusual and it stood out on pop radio. This follow up wasn't quite as quirky, but it was another good song from the album and a worthy single. The charging rhythm, the jazzy feel, and Basia's voice all worked together to make something interesting and easy to digest. It was apparently perfect for AC radio where it made the Top 10. It really should have made an appearance in the Pop Top 40, but it wasn't destined to be a big hit. However, it helped draw more people to the album. I remember when the LP came out. There was a buzz about it so I picked it up. Then others heard it through me and got the album as well. It was one that had a lot of good word of mouth and it resulted in platinum sales.

ReduxRating:  7/10

Trivia:  In 1990, Basia would release her second LP London Warsaw New York. It would match the platinum success of her debut while becoming her highest peaking LP on the chart at #20. It got a boost from the single "Cruising for Bruising," which made it to #29 Pop and #5 AC. A third album, The Sweetest Illusion, would come out in 1994. Despite not featuring any charting singles, the LP got to #27 and went gold. Then, Basia sort of disappeared. It seems that due to some personal and family issues, she stepped away from the music business after three solid selling albums, not to mention the success she had with her former band Matt Bianco. Finally in 2004, she was coaxed into rejoining Matt Bianco. They would release Matt's Mood, which did well in several countries and got to #15 on the US Jazz chart. With that reintroduction to music, Basia then picked back up on her solo career and in 2009 she released It's That Girl Again. She would follow it up in 2018 with Butterflies.


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