Friday, September 17, 2021

"Superstitious" by Europe

Song#:  3616
Date:  08/13/1988
Debut:  80
Peak:  31
Weeks:  13
Genre:  Glam Rock

Pop Bits:  This Swedish band conquered the charts worldwide with their 1987 single "The Final Countdown." The song reached #1 in many countries while making it to #8 in the US. The track appeared on their third album of the same name, which got to #8 in the US and went triple-platinum. That album also featured the #3 "Carrie." Following the massive success of the album, the band then had the task of trying to follow it up. Their new status as worldwide hit makers gave them the opportunity to raise their game and they were able to secure the services of producer Ron Nevison (Heart, Survivor). Together they would come up with Europe's fourth LP Out of This World. This first single would be released and while it would do well on the US Rock chart (#9), it would stop shy of the Pop Top 30. Two more singles would be released, but neither made the US charts. Still, this song and the band's popularity were enough to send the album to #19 and go platinum. The single and the album would mark the last time Europe would make the US charts.

ReduxReview:  The two songs that made the US Top 10 were hooky singles that were ready for radio. I'm sure both the band and their label were not only looking to replicate that success, but surpass it. To do so, they needed at least three solid catchy tracks that would reel in listeners. It was a tall order, but not an impossible one. Unfortunately, they couldn't get the job done. While several of the tracks on the album were good, none of them came close to being a hit-worthy single, including "Superstitious." The tune felt a little Frankenstein's monster-ish with different parts sewn together. It didn't sound cohesive and lacked a big hook. I'm surprised it even cracked the Pop Top 40. Europe had their time in the sun, but it sadly didn't last very long - at least in the US.

ReduxRating:  4/10

Trivia:  Europe's next album, 1991's Prisoners in Paradise, would continue their winning streak at home in Sweden (#9, platinum), but elsewhere it didn't make much of an impression. That disappointment combined with years of touring led to the band taking a hiatus. During that time three members of the band opted to record solo albums. Lead singer and songwriter Joey Tempest would have a pair of #7 albums in Sweden along with a few Top 40 singles. Guitarist John Norum would put a pair of albums on the Swedish chart along with a Top 40 single. However, in 1987 prior to the band's hiatus, Norum recorded his first solo album Total Control. It would get to #4 in Sweden and feature the #4 hit "Let Me Love You." Another single from the LP, a remake of the 1986 Vinnie Vincent Invastion track "Back on the Streets," was pushed over to the US and it got on the Rock chart at #34, which made Norum the only member of Europe to get on a US chart as a solo artist. Europe would get back together in 2003 and has since toured and recorded several albums.


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