Monday, July 26, 2021

"Tell Me" by White Lion

Song#:  3563
Date:  07/02/1988
Debut:  89
Peak:  58
Weeks:  11
Genre:  Hard Rock, Glam Metal

Pop Bits:  This band's second album Pride was pretty much DOA upon release, but then MTV came to the rescue when it started playing the video for the first single "Wait." The tune caught on nearly six months after initial release and ended up making it to #8 on the Pop chart. The album quickly began to sell and to keep momentum going, this second single was issued out. Unfortunately, it wasn't quite the right fit for pop or rock radio with the tune stopping short of the Pop Top 50 while stalling at #25 Rock. In the long run, the results didn't really matter because as this song was being pushed out, the album had already been certified platinum. For an LP that was nearly cutout bin fodder, selling over a million copies was a huge win.

ReduxReview:  This was a good follow-up to "Wait." It had a nice melody, sweet chord progressions, and a fairly good hook. The "oh-oh, oh, oh, oh's" were catchy too. It should have done better, but I think what may have held it back was the production. It was a bit stilted and one-dimensional. It didn't allow the song to really stand out. If the track had a beefed up production and a more kick-ass arrangement, it would have done better. Still, it was a good song and a worthy follow-up.

ReduxRating:  6/10

Trivia:  This band was fronted by Mike Tramp (real name Michael Trampenau). Tramp was born in Denmark and first started singing with a youth choir. In 1976 when he was fifteen, Tramp got hired in as the replacement lead singer in a band called Mabel. While they started out as more of a glam band, their sound transitioned into Europop and disco. Some hits followed and they became popular teen idols in Denmark and other European countries. Perhaps their peak moment was when their song "Boom Boom" was selected for the 1978 Eurovision music contest. Although they would only finish 16th out of 20 countries, the song and Eurovision appearance brightened their star. However, by the end of the decade, Tramp was not happy with the band's pop sound. He was more into hard rock and metal and wanted to take the band in that direction. They all moved to Spain, relaunched as Studs, and issued out a debut album in 1981. It flopped. With bands like Def Leppard breaking in the US in the early 80s, they decided to give it a shot in the States. They changed their name again to Danish Lions, but they just couldn't get a break. Everyone went back to Denmark except for Tramp. It was a good decision because in 1983, he met guitarist Vitto Bratta and the pair formed White Lion.


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