Friday, June 25, 2021

"I Know You're Out There Somewhere" by The Moody Blues

Song#:  3535
Date:  06/04/1988
Debut:  98
Peak:  30
Weeks:  16
Genre:  Soft Rock

Pop Bits:  Over two decades after their debut album, The Moody Blues unexpectedly scored a #9 platinum album with 1986's The Other Side of Life. It was boosted by the hit "Your Wildest Dream," which reached #9 Pop/#1 AC/#2 Rock. The success of the single was thanks in part to a sentimental music video that got heavy rotation on MTV. In an attempt to make lightning strike twice, the band recorded their next LP Sur la Mer, which included this first single that served as a sequel to "Your Wildest Dreams." The track would do well at Rock (#2) and AC (#9), but it would not get close to replicating the success of their previous hit on the Pop chart. The best it could do was just barely making the Top 30. Because of that, the album would only manage to reach #38. Save for their non-charting 1965 debut, it was the band's lowest peaking studio album to-date. This single would end up being their last to reach the Pop chart. A second single, "No More Lies," would make it to #15 at AC.

ReduxReview:  I thought this was a really good song and single for the band. While I didn't think it would go Top 10, I figured it was strong enough to get close. The #30 peak was a bit of a surprise and disappointment. You don't often get sequel songs and it was cool that the band and songwriter Justin Hayward gave it a go. To me the attempt was successful with Hayward coming up with a lovely, sweet song. The album was not one of their better efforts, but I'm sure pressure from the label to get another hit album didn't help the creative process. Yet the Moodies remain a favorite band of mine with Days of Future Passed and Long Distance Voyager getting perennial plays along with their hits.

ReduxRating:  8/10

Trivia:  Double Shot!  1) Due to the success of the video for "Your Wildest Dreams," the band decided to continue the story of the of the band's lead singer and a long lost love. The original video earned the band a Billboard award for Video of the Year. The sequel wasn't quite as successful, but it did play well on VH1 and that helped the song on the AC chart.  2) After Sur la Mer, the band experienced some issues with long-time members and there would be some personnel shifts. They would return in 1991 with Keys of the Kingdom. The lead single, "Say It with Love," would get to #31 AC/#22 Rock, but fail to make the Pop chart. The band would tour performing with symphony orchestras which led to a concert at the famous Red Rocks amphitheater. The show would be captured on video and also released as a live album. The 1993 release A Night at Red Rocks with the Colorado Symphony Orchestra would only get to #93 on the chart, but it would end up being a gold seller. The associated VHS video would also go gold. The band would continue touring and along the way only release two new studio albums; 1999's Strange Times (#93) and the 2003 holiday-themed December.

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