Thursday, September 10, 2020

"I've Been in Love Before" by Cutting Crew

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Song#:  3253
Date:  09/05/1987
Debut:  75
Peak:  9
Weeks:  21
Genre:  Soft Rock

Pop Bits:  The English band's debut album spawned a #1 hit with "(I Just) Died in Your Arms," the lead single from their debut album Broadcast. A second single, "One for the Mockingbird," didn't do as well only being able to crack the Top 40 (#38). Still, the label decided to try one more time and pushed out this ballad. It was a good decision as the song got the band back in the Pop Top 10 while also peaking at #2 on the AC chart. The hit may have played a part in getting the band a Grammy nomination for Best New Artist. Unfortunately, the song would prove to be the band's final one to make the Pop Top 40.

ReduxReview:  The band certainly got lucky with this one. It really should have been the second single. If it had been, the track might have peaked even higher. Still, it was strong enough to overcome the disappointing results of "One for the Mockingbird" to become their second (and last) US Pop Top 10. It was a lovely little tune that was nicely produced and performed. I can't say that it really grabbed my attention, but if it came on the radio I would listen.

ReduxRating:  6/10

Trivia:  In their UK homeland, this song was the second single released from the album. It didn't do so well only reaching #31. Due to that result, the label then chose "One for the Mockingbird" as the second single in the US. It didn't work out all that well with the song scratching the Top 40. So the label then took a chance on "I've Been in Love Before" in the US to see what might happen. It ended up doing very well and its hit status then prompted the label to reissue the song back in the UK. On its second go 'round, the track did a little better, but still could only manage a #24 showing. Besides the US and Canada, where the song peaked at #8, the single did only moderate business in other countries.


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