Monday, August 17, 2020

"Let Me Be the One" by Exposé

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Song#:  3229
Date:  08/15/1987
Debut:  77
Peak:  7
Weeks:  22
Genre:  Freestyle, Dance-Pop

Pop Bits:  The vocal trio had already scored a pair of Top 10 hits from their debut album Exposure including the #5 "Point of No Return." They were hoping for a third hit and ended up getting it with this next single. The tune also did well at Dance reaching #2 while getting to #29 at R&B. The hit helped sell more albums and by October of '87 it would reach platinum level sales. Lead vocals on this song were handled by Gioia Bruno.

ReduxReview:  This mid-tempo track was different from the trio's previous two singles, yet it was still based in their freestyle sound. It worked in their favor with the track becoming their third consecutive Top 10. Out of the three, this song stands out to me more. The bridge is interesting and the chorus memorable. Plus the fact that it wasn't a fast-paced dance track was kind of cool. It had sleeker groove with Bruno's vocals leading the way. It also stays in my mind because friends of mine play the video of this tune quite a bit. It was the third big winner in a row from the trio.

ReduxRating:  8/10

Trivia:  Exposé were part of the Miami-based Latin freestyle explosion during the late 80s, which for the most part was spearheaded by Cuban-Americans. Lewis A. Martineé, whose parents were from Cuba, developed the trio and wrote (or co-wrote) and produced all of the songs on their debut album. Yet despite Martineé's background and the style of music he was creating for the group, the trio of women who became Exposé were not Cuban-American. Jeanette Jurado was Mexican-American, Gioia Bruno was Italian, and Ann Curless was from Albany, New York. In the end, heritage didn't matter as the trio breathed life into Martineé's freestyle tunes and helped to make them hits.


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