Saturday, August 29, 2020

"He's My Girl" by David Hallyday

Song#:  3241
Date:  08/29/1987
Debut:  98
Peak:  79
Weeks:  8
Genre:  Dance-Pop

Pop Bits:  David Hallyday was basically born into music. His father was Johnny Hallyday and his mother was Sylvie Vartan. Both were huge music stars in France and around Europe with Hallyday being known as the Elvis of France while Vartan made a name for herself in the yé-yé music movement of the 60s. David Hallyday didn't dive into the family business until he was late in his teens. At the same time he was also dabbling in acting. The two careers came together when Hallyday was cast in the comedy film He's My Girl. He would co-star in the flick with comedic actor T.K. Carter. In addition to being one of the leads, Hallyday would also supply the film's theme song plus two other tunes for the soundtrack album (which also featured two new tracks from his mom). Hallyday's theme song would be released as a single and it would spend a couple of months on the Pop chart, but couldn't really bust out of the bottom rungs. The soundtrack was on Scotti Bros. Records who would then sign Hallyday on for a solo career. His debut album, True Cool, would be released in '88 and this soundtrack song would be included. Unfortunately, no other singles from the LP would chart and it quickly disappeared. He did another album for the label in 1990 titled Rock 'n' Heart and that resulted in the #51 Pop single "Ooh La La." After that, he mainly recorded and released albums in France while taking on a few acting roles. Hallyday also got involved in auto racing and has competed several times in the famous 24 Hours of Le Mans race.

ReduxReview:  Oh yeah, this definitely sounds like a tune from a comedy flick. It was trying hard to mimic tunes from hit soundtracks like Beverly Hills Cop. The lyrics included the plot points of the film so it explains why a guy is singing "He's My Girl." It was a goofy song that was appropriate to close out the film, but it really wasn't good enough to be a chart contender. In fact, I'm truly surprised it even charted. Still, Hallyday doesn't sound too bad and the hi-80s campy production is on point. But like the film, it is just a bizarre relic from the decade and not much more.

ReduxRating:  3/10

Trivia:  The comedy/farce He's My Girl was Hallyday's first film. The plot consisted of aspiring musician Bryan (Hallyday) trying to get a break in the music industry (of course). His friend Reggie (T.K. Carter) enters him into a contest to meet a music star, which Bryan wins. For some reason, Bryan has to bring a girlfriend with him to L.A. Not wanting to leave his bestie behind, the pair hatch a plan to have Reggie pose as a girl for the trip. Reggie then becomes Regina. After they arrive in L.A., they both fall in love with women they meet and hi-jinx ensue, which also includes a promoter trying to steal Bryan's song. The film was nixed by critics and it was barely a blip in theaters. The results didn't boost the careers of either actor. The film and this theme song have become obscure oddities. However, another family member of Hallyday's has had a successful acting career. Hallyday's first cousin (via his mom) is Michael Vartan. Vartan got his big break when he co-starred in the film Never Been Kissed with Drew Barrymore. That led to his long-running role on the hit TV show Alias (2001-2006). Another side note about He's My Girl. It was directed by Gabrielle Beaumont. Beaumont would become the first woman to direct an episode in the Star Trek franchise. She would helm the 1989 Star Trek: The Next Generation episode "Booby Trap." Beaumont would end up directing eight more episodes in the franchise including ones for Deep Space Nine and Voyager.


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