Friday, July 31, 2020

"Holiday" by The Other Ones

Song#:  3211
Date:  08/01/1987
Debut:  90
Peak:  29
Weeks:  17
Genre:  Alternative Rock, Pop

Pop Bits:  This Germany-based band formed by three Australian siblings reached the US Pop chart with their second single "We Are What We Are" (#53 Pop/#38 Rock). It was from their self-titled debut as was this follow-up single. While the track wouldn't make the Rock chart, it received more attention at Pop than their previous single and it ended up cracking the Top 30. The hit helped to sell a few more albums, but not enough to push it passed its June peak of #139. The results were good enough to call for a second album and the band released Learning to Walk in 1988. Unfortunately, none of its singles were able to reach any chart and the album quickly disappeared. The band would part ways two years later.

ReduxReview:  This bouncy track was certainly different from the darker new wave of "We Are What We Are." The hooky tune got them a bigger audience and a Top 30 hit. I like the song just as well as "We Are What We Are," but it's like two different bands recorded the tracks. The balance of the album stays along the lines of "We Are." There isn't another quirky pop-leaning track like this one. The band was talented and should have had a longer career, but from what I've read it seems they kind of got in their own way when recording the second album and it just didn't work. It happens. At least they left behind a couple of good tunes that will hopefully be discovered by fans of 80s music.

ReduxRating:  7/10

Trivia:  The Other Ones' siblings Alf, Jayney, and Johnny Klimek were not the only musicians in the family to have chart success. Their younger cousins Nic and Chris Cester would form the hard rock Australian band Jet in 2001. In 2003, Jet would issue out their full-length debut album Get Born. Its first single, "Are You Gonna Be My Girl," would be a hit at Rock reaching #7. Another single, "Cold Hard Bitch," would hit #1 at Rock. Both songs were certified gold for digital sales. The album would make it to #26 and become a platinum seller. Oddly, "Are You Gonna Be My Girl" would be the band's biggest hit at Pop reaching #29, the same peak as "Holiday," which was The Other Ones' biggest hit.


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