Tuesday, June 2, 2020

"Certain Things Are Likely" by KTP

Song#:  3152
Date:  06/13/1987
Debut:  97
Peak:  97
Weeks:  4
Genre:  Dance-Pop, Synthpop

Pop Bits:  This UK band, originally named Kissing the Pink, had been known for their new wave experimental rock sound that garnered them a cult audience. They signed with Magnet Records and after releasing albums in '83 and '84, they didn't have much to show for it except a minor US chart entry with 1983's "Maybe This Day" (#87 Pop). Magnet still wanted to invest in the band, but wanted them to spruce up their sound to make it more commercial. In other words, they wanted a hit from the band. After some personnel changes and a trimming down of their name to just KTP, the group recorded their third album Certain Things Are Likely. It signaled a significant shift in sound from quirky new wave to streamlined dance-pop. The LP's first single, "One Step," didn't do much in the UK only getting to #79. However, it caught on in US clubs and the song ended up at #5 on the Dance chart. A follow-up single, "Never Too Late to Love You," wouldn't do as well (#87 UK/#32 US Dance). This third track was then issued out. In the UK it wouldn't chart, but it would become a major hit on the US Dance chart reaching #1. The song's success there allowed it to cross over to the Pop chart where it would circle the bottom rungs for a month. Despite having a pair of Top 10s on the Dance chart, the album wasn't a big seller and it failed to chart. Magnet apparently wasn't impressed with the results and KTP had to seek another record deal.

ReduxReview:  This song is certainly different from the noir-ish new wave of '83's "Maybe This Day." It was obvious that they were looking to break through in a bigger way. This track had a Dead or Alive/Stock Aitken Waterman vibe combined with some British new wave/synthpop. The charging tune was a club floor filler in the US and there was opportunity for it to break wider, but I don't think it got the promotional push needed to really crack the Pop chart. While I don't think it would have been a major hit, it certainly could have been a Top 40 contender. Actually, their first Dance chart hit "One Step" was a really nice track that had a Human League feel to it. I'm surprised that song didn't do better in the UK. The album is a surprisingly good listen. Critics and fans balked because it wasn't anything like their previous discs, but I think they did a good job in their attempt to become more mainstream.

ReduxRating:  7/10

Trivia:  Following their time at Magnet, KTP then signed on with Warner Bros. They reverted back to their original name of Kissing the Pink and recorded the single "Stand Up (Get Down)." The song didn't chart and Warner Bros. lost interest in the group. An indie album would follow later in 1993. The band in various iterations would kick around over the years and even record some songs that were released on Bandcamp in 2015.


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