Wednesday, April 15, 2020

"Jammin' Me" by Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers

Song#:  3104
Date:  04/25/1987
Debut:  84
Peak:  18
Weeks:  12
Genre:  Rock

Pop Bits:  Petty's 1985 #7 platinum album Southern Accents was a heavier produced project that included the Dave Stewart-produced #13 "Don't Come Around Here No More." After a stop-gap live album, Petty and his band went back into the studio to record their seventh album. Instead of keeping on with the modern 80s production style, Petty chose to record tracks in a manner that made them sound like live performances. With Petty and Heartbreaker Mike Campbell producing, the LP Let Me Up (I've Had Enough) was completed. This lead single was released and it was a hit at Rock becoming their third #1 on that chart. At Pop it would do well reaching the Top 20, their sixth single to do so. Unfortunately, it would be the only song from the album to make the Pop chart and that left the album stalling at #20. It was a slight disappointment following four Top 10 studio LPs in a row, but the album still kept up their streak of platinum discs.

ReduxReview:  Back in the day this track was jammin' me. Actually I should say I was jammin' to it. I liked that Petty got back to a more traditional rock band sound. As much as I liked the band's bizarre detour into 80s produced pop with "Don't Come Around Here No More," getting the guitar-driven Petty back was certainly welcome. The album itself was a mixed back, but this track was certainly the highlight. The grittier track wasn't as hooky or commercial as some of their past charters and I was a little surprised it got in the Top 20. It was more suited to Rock radio. I still like this track, but it is one that rarely gets played anymore.

ReduxRating:  7/10

Trivia:  Double Shot!  1) Although no further singles would make the Pop chart, three other tracks from the album got on the Rock chart including the #8 "Runaway Trains" and the #19 "All Mixed Up." It would be the first time that a Petty album generated four Rock charting songs.  2) This song was co-written by Petty, Campbell, and Bob Dylan. Petty and Dylan became closer friends and musical partners when Petty and the Heartbreakers supported Dylan on his 1986 True Confessions tour. According to Campbell, he had written the music for this song and passed it on to Petty, who ended up sitting on the track. At some point during the True Confessions tour, Petty and Dylan were toying with lyrics and Petty remembered Campbell's music track and suggested they put their words to the tune. Petty and Dylan finished the song and the band later got it recorded for the album. During a break from the tour, Dylan recorded his twenty-fourth studio album Knocked Out Loaded. It included another Petty/Dylan collaboration "Got My Mind Made Up." The track was released as a single and got to #23 at Rock, but failed to chart at Pop. At the time, the album was considered one of Dylan's worst efforts. Reviews were negative and it became the lowest charting studio album of his career up to that point tanking at #54. The only exception being his 1962 self-titled debut LP, which did not chart.



  1. 8/10, despite this being one of Tom Petty's highest charting singles on the Pop & Rock charts I always felt this was one of Tom Petty's overlooked songs, it didn't even appear on his Best Of compilation album that was released in the 1990's, this was also IMO one of Tom Petty's best songs of his career.

    1. Definitely a solid tune and it was surprising it was not included on his earlier "best of" collections since it did well on the Pop chart.