Thursday, July 4, 2019

"Am I Forgiven" by Isle of Man

Song#:  2819
Date:  08/09/1986
Debut:  96
Peak:  90
Weeks:  4
Genre:  Pop, Rock, New Wave

Pop Bits:  Not a lot is written about this obscure band. It is known that it consisted of four musicians who were supposedly from four different countries (including the US) and that they were discovered by Spencer Proffer. Proffer was a producer and record exec who had his own Columbia-associated label called Pasha (home to metal acts like Quiet Riot and W.A.S.P.). The band members co-wrote all the tunes for their self-titled debut album with Proffer assisting on a couple while producing it all. This first single was issued out but it couldn't do much except spend a month near the bottom of the chart. Surprisingly, the album sold a few copies and made it onto the Album chart at #110. Further singles failed to make an impression and that was the end of Isle of Man.

ReduxReview:  Isle of Man were an unusual band. All the tracks from their debut are available on YouTube and I listened to the album. It does have an international new wave flare about it. The songs are not all that strong, but the arrangements make them interesting. They were a bit unique and I could hear how they might have attracted Proffer. This song was probably the best contender for a single, but it just didn't quite have the hooky gusto needed to move ahead of the other noise on the chart. These guys had the goods, but I don't think the project fully gelled into something that would attract a wide audience. Still, an interesting find and one worth seeking out.

ReduxRating:  6/10

Trivia:  Band members included Robere Parlez, Raun, Jamie Roberto, and Ronnie Lee Sage. Most info on them states that they were from four different countries - France, Italy, Nicaragua, and the US. If I were to guess the possible origins of each member, the way I list the countries would coincide with the way I listed the names. However, some further research shows that lead singer Robere Parlez may not be from France. Not long after Isle of Man broke up, Parlez joined up with another band called the Lonesome Romeos. This time around, he was listed as Robert Parlee. I then found a little bio about Robert Parlee who was a member of a California band called Clementine. The bio stated Parlee was born in Pasadena, Californa, and was a member of Isle of Man and the Lonesome Romeos. Maybe his family background was French and he adopted the name Robere Parlez to go with the multiple country theme of Isle of Man, but it seems he definitely was an American. As for the other members of Isle of Man, who knows if they were actually from their respective countries or if it was all just a press gimmick (I'm thinking so to fit with the Isle of Man name). Parlee did get a second shot at stardom with the Lonesome Romeos. They were signed to Curb Records and issued out albums in 1990 and 1995. Nothing much came from the LPs and the band broke up.


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