Wednesday, June 19, 2019

"Nothing in Common" by Thompson Twins

Song#:  2804
Date:  07/26/1986
Debut:  95
Peak:  54
Weeks:  10
Genre:  Synthpop, Soundtrack

Pop Bits:  By this point in time, the UK trio known as the Thompson Twins had scored three Top 10's in the US from two hit albums including 1985's gold seller Here's to Future Days. However, the rigors of touring along with all the issues that arise from success started to take a toll on one of the band's members. Percussionist/backing vocalist Joe Leeway hit a breaking point and decided it was time for him to move on. His leaving then made the Twins an actual duo with leader Tom Bailey and Alannah Currie soldiering forward. For their first effort as a duo, Bailey and Currie co-wrote this song specifically for the Tom Hanks dramady Nothing in Common. It was issued as the first single from the soundtrack album a couple weeks prior to the film's debut. The tune didn't catch on all that well and it fumbled before it could get into the top half of the Pop chart. It did slightly better at Dance getting to #38.

ReduxReview:  Although the film had dramatic elements, it leaned toward being more of a comedy and this song seemed a bit too serious for the flick. While the lyrics did reflect the movie's theme, they focused more on the dark, dramatic side of things without any type of resultion. Usually movie themes are upbeat and fun or on the romantic side and while it was refreshing that this one bucked the trend, I found it somewhat dour and slightly depressing. That's not something you really want when trying to promote a film. On it's own, it's a good tune and would be a fine addition to a Twins album. As a single tied with a movie, it didn't hit the mark.

ReduxRating:  5/10

Trivia:  After a few leading roles in comedies like 1984's Splash, Hanks expanded a bit into dramatic territory with Nothing in Common. He co-starred in the film with entertainment legend Jackie Gleason. The film received mixed reviews and did mediocre business at the box office. It would end up being Gleason's final film performance. It was during production of the movie that Gleason discovered he had terminal colon cancer. That along with other health issues such as diabetes finally took a toll and Gleason passed away in June of '87. Hanks would go on to be a major movie star and win back-to-back Oscars for Best Actor in 1993 (Philadelphia) and 1994 (Forrest Gump). Nothing in Common would later be turned into a TV sitcom. It was developed for CBS and premiered in 1987 as the show that followed the hit series Cheers. The show starred Todd Waring and Bill Macy. Unfortunately, it couldn't keep the Cheers audience and after seven episodes it was cancelled.


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