Monday, May 13, 2019

"You Don't Have to Cry" by René & Angela

Song#:  2767
Date:  06/21/1986
Debut:  95
Peak:  75
Weeks:  7
Genre:  R&B, Quiet Storm

Pop Bits:  The duo's fourth album, Street Called Desire, would be their best selling effort going gold after reaching #5 R&B and #64 Pop. At this point in time, the LP had already produced three R&B Top 10's including two #1's. Those results were good enough to call for this fourth single. It was another winner at R&B getting to #2. It crossed over to the Pop chart, but couldn't make it out of the bottom quarter. A fifth single from the album, "No How - No Way," would be released, but could only manage a #29 showing at R&B. Although René & Angela were at the height of their career, they made the bold decision to split up. The pair were at odds with various accusations being tossed around. Unable to resolve their issues, they went their separate ways.

ReduxReview:  This slick quiet storm ballad is another quality track from the album. Although it was a good hit at R&B, it was going to be a tougher sell at Pop. Soul tracks like this had a hard time breaking through in a bigger way on pop radio at the time. Both vocalists sound good, but Winbush had that something extra to her voice that made her a standout. She really should have had a bigger career as a solo artist. She did well getting several R&B Top 10's, but she just couldn't crossover to the Pop chart. If you wanna hear her flex her vocal chords, check out her R&B #1 hit "Angel." Impressive.

ReduxRating:  7/10

Trivia:  René Moore and Angela Winbush both set out on solo careers after they split. Winbush was first out of the gate with her 1987 solo debut Sharp. It featured two R&B Top 10's including the #1 "Angel." She would release two more albums that contained three further R&B Top 10's. She would also collaborate with The Isley Brothers on their albums and would eventually marry Ron Isley in 1993. They later divorced in 2003. Winbush also wrote and produced songs for other artists including two tracks for Sheena Easton's gold 1988 LP The Lover in Me. Moore would release a solo album in 1988 titled Destination Love. It was a middling seller that featured two R&B Top 20's. He would then turn to songwriting and producing for other artists including Michael Jackson. Moore would co-write two songs for Jackson - 1992's "Jam" (#3 R&B/#26 Pop) and 1995's "This Time Around," which was featured on Jackson's compilation album HIStory: Past, Present and Future Book I.  Moore would get a Grammy nomination for "Jam," which competed in the Best R&B Song category.


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