Friday, April 5, 2019

"Nasty" by Janet Jackson

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Song#:  2729
Date:  05/17/1986
Debut:  74
Peak:  3
Weeks:  19
Genre:  R&B, Electro-Funk

Pop Bits:  Jackson grabbed her first Pop Top 10 hit with "What Have You Done for Me Lately?," the lead single from her third LP, Control. The song and album reflected her newfound strong, independent spirit and it was further emphasized with this second single. It easily became Jackson's second #1 at R&B while hitting #3 at Pop and #2 Dance. It would also become her second gold selling single in a row. The week this song debuted on the Pop chart, Control hit the Top 10 on the Album chart for the first time on its way to #1 (for a two week run). It was already in its fifth week of an eight week run at #1 on the R&B Album chart.

ReduxReview:  Whether you were hearing this song for the first time or for the umpteenth time, that opening "Gimme a beat!" declaration quickly got your attention. Miss Jackson had something to say and you were going to listen! What followed was four minutes of funky bravado and empowerment that was nearly the musical equivalent of Peter Finch yelling "I'm as mad as hell, and I'm not going to take this anymore!" in the 1976 classic film Network. Do you know what Miss Jackson had had? It. Officially! And she is here to let you know that. Everything about this song worked; the lyrics, the excellent production from Jam & Lewis, Jackson's performance, and even the video (choreographed by Paula Abdul). Even though it somehow missed out on topping the Pop chart, it quickly became a signature tune for Jackson and one that has been referenced so many times over the years in pop culture. "What Have You Done for Me Lately" got her noticed, but this one made her a star.


Trivia:  Jackson co-wrote this song with her producers Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis. It was inspired by an actual encounter that Jackson had while recording the album in Minneapolis. Apparently, Jackson was walking to the studio from her hotel when a couple of men started stalking her. They were making salacious comments and calling her "baby." Yet instead of running for the studio, Jackson decided enough was enough and basically confronted them and called them out. The men backed down, probably shocked that this teenager had the guts to take a stand. When getting back to the studio, Jackson began to turn the incident into a song. One particular thing she didn't like was being called "baby" by the guys she didn't know. In that context, she considered it a derogatory term. She has a name and they should use it (if, of course, she let's them know it). Hence, the song's famous line was born: "No, my first name ain't baby, it's Janet...Miss Jackson if you're nasty!"


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