Sunday, March 17, 2019

"I Must Be Dreaming" by Giuffria

Song#:  2710
Date:  05/03/1986
Debut:  84
Peak:  52
Weeks:  10
Genre:  Rock

Pop Bits:  Gregg Giuffria and his band had a successful self-titled debut album in '84 that reached #26 thanks to the #15 Pop/#3 Rock single "Call to the Heart." Their label, MCA, was pleased enough with the results to call for a second album. The band retreated to the studio and came out with Silk + Steel. This first single was issued out and it got a little attention, but far less than their previous hit. The song got to #28 at Rock while stalling near the halfway mark at Pop. A second single failed to chart and that doomed the album. They recorded demos for a third album, but then the band left MCA and decided to split up. Gregg Giuffria would later have some minor success with his next band House of Lords.

ReduxReview:  I'm familiar with the Mink DeVille version of this song (see below) and I have to say that Giuffria really rocks this one out. I like Mink DeVille's original, but I actually prefer this remake. The beefed up production sends the song to arena rock territory and David Glen Eisley's lead vocal is just killer. It's a shame this song didn't catch on more. It deserved to go further up the chart. It doesn't necessarily have a hooky chorus, but I don't think it needed one. For me it even outshines their lone Pop hit "Call to the Heart." It's kind of a lost gem.

ReduxRating:  8/10

Trivia:  Double Shot!  1)  This is a remake of a song originally written by Willie DeVille and recorded by his band Mink DeVille. It was done for their 1985 album Sportin' Life. It was issued as a single, but it did not chart. The album was Mink DeVille's final one. After that, Willie DeVille moved forward with a solo career releasing albums under his own name.  2) Giuffria recorded two songs for the soundtrack to the 1985 film Gotcha!. The comedy-action film, which starred Anthony Edwards and Linda Fiorentino, was not a critical or box office success. Gregg Giuffria and lead singer David Glen Eisley also recorded a third song for the film that was credited to Camelflage. The main theme, "Gotcha!," was written specifically for the film and was recorded by Thereza Bazar. It was issued out as a single, but it failed to chart. Bazar was one-half of the UK duo known as Dollar. While they would only have one charting song in the US (1979's #74 "Shooting Star"), they were stars in the UK getting nine Top 20 hits including five Top 10's. Along with the song from the film, Bazar would also record a solo album with producer Arif Mardin. Titled "The Big Kiss," it was a highly anticipated release in the UK. However, release date and distribution issues stymied promotional efforts and the album disappeared quickly.


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