Sunday, December 16, 2018

"The Men All Pause" by Klymaxx

Song#:  2620
Date:  02/15/1986
Debut:  98
Peak:  80
Weeks:  8
Genre:  R&B

Pop Bits:  The all-female band finally scored a major crossover hit with "I Miss You," the third single lifted from their third album Meeting in the Ladies Room. The ballad was a solid success getting to #5 Pop, #3 AC, and #11 R&B. To keep the ball rolling, a follow-up single titled "Lock and Key" was issued out. Unfortunately, it just didn't catch on and it stalled early at R&B (#47) while not even making the Pop chart. However, the label thought there was still enough interest in the band at Pop to warrent another follow-up attempt, so they went ahead and reissued the LP's first single "The Men All Pause," which had already been a #5 hit at R&B earlier in '85 (#9 Dance). The tactic sort of worked. The song did get some action at Pop, but it was only for a couple of months near the bottom of the chart. They would soon have better luck with a fresh new single.

ReduxReview:  I remember back in the day when I saw this song's title I thought it was some kind of play on the word "menopause." I was happy to find out that it was not! It was, however, another solid track from the band. While not quite as good as "Meeting in the Ladies Room," it is still pretty tasty. Their hit "I Miss You" was a lovely ballad, but I think the women really soared when they were rockin' a good groove.

ReduxRating:  7/10

Trivia: The album Meeting in the Ladies Room included a track titled "Just Our Luck." It was a remake of a tune originally recorded by Shalamar in '83. Written by Barry De Vorzon and Joseph Conlon, Shalamar's version was used as the opening credits theme song to the 1983 ABC TV show Just Our Luck. The show, which starred T.K. Carter and Richard Gilliland, was about a TV weatherman who ends up releasing a genie, Shabu, that was imprisoned in a bottle. In return for his release, Shabu offers his services to the guy for life. Basically, it's a spin on I Dream of Jeannie. However, the show became quite controversial. Shabu was a black character who was serving a white guy and terms like "master" and "servant" were used in the show. Also, T.K. Carter's portrayal was seen as offensive and promoting stereotypes. The NAACP prompted a boycott of ABC until something was done. ABC did address the issues in conjunction with the NAACP, but it was too late. The controversy along with poor critical reception and bad ratings (it was up against NBC's new hit show The A-Team) took a toll and the show was cancelled after 11 episodes. T.K. Carter, who always defended the Shabu character and his portrayal, would appear in several TV shows and films including two seasons on Punky Brewster. Richard Gilliland would be appear in many TV shows, but may probably be best known for playing Mary Jo's boyfriend on Designing Women. While working on that show, he met Jean Smart who played Charlene. The two would marry in 1987 and as of this posting are still together.


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