Wednesday, May 2, 2018

"Love Resurrection" by Alison Moyet

Song#:  2391
Date:  07/20/1985
Debut:  89
Peak:  82
Weeks:  4
Genre:  Dance-Pop, Blue-Eyed Soul

Pop Bits:  Moyet hit the US Top 40 for the first (and only) time with "Invisible" (#31), the lead single from her solo debut album Alf. For a follow-up, this next track was issued out. It just couldn't catch a break and the song stalled early and fell off the chart after a month. It did only slightly better at Dance getting to #47. With that result, her career in the US was done. However, it was a different story in her UK homeland. She would end up with six Top 10 singles and four Top 10 albums. Her latest LP as of this posting was 2017's Other, which peaked at #12.

ReduxReview:  Again, just like "Invisible," I don't know why US listeners ignored this track. Co-written by Moyet and the production team of Jolley & Swain (Bananarama, Spandau Ballet), it's a hooky R&B-leaning dance track with terrific production. The thing had "hit" written all over it, yet no one in the US cared. I don't know if her singles and album just didn't get promoted well or if US tastes just didn't care for her music. Whatever it was, folks missed out and it's a shame.

ReduxRating:  8/10

Trivia:  This single was actually the first released from the album in the UK. It reached #9. It was followed up with another Top 10 and the #21 "Invisible." After that, the label had intentions of issuing a fourth single, but Moyet didn't want that. She thought it would be better to give the fans something new, so she recorded her version of an old standard called "That Ole Devil Called Love." It got released as a single and hit #2 in the UK. It would end up being her biggest charting single there. After that hit, the label was still insistent on issuing a fourth single from Alf and they pushed out one titled "For You Only." Not surprisingly, it did not chart. "That Ole Devil Called Love" was written in 1944 and was originally recorded by the great Billie Holiday. It served as the b-side to her #16 Pop/#5 R&B hit "Lover Man (Oh Where Can You Be?)."


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