Wednesday, May 30, 2018

"And We Danced" by The Hooters

Song#:  2419
Date:  08/10/1985
Debut:  72
Peak:  21
Weeks:  20
Genre:  Rock

Pop Bits:  The Hooters' second album Nervous Night got off to a pretty good start with the spooky first single "All You Zombies" (#11 Rock, #58 Pop). The song helped them get established and that came in handy when this next single was released. It would be a solid hit at Rock getting to #3 while just barely missing out on the Pop Top 20. It was helped along by a popular video, which ended up getting them a nomination for Best New Artist at the MTV Video Music Awards.

ReduxReview:  Well, this is certainly more cheery than "All You Zombies." This is hooky as all get-out and I thought for sure it would end up in the Top 10. It was certainly played enough on my local station to make it that far. There is a lot of joy in the tune and within the Hooters' performance as well. It was songs like this that make the album a platinum seller by the spring of '86. It would eventually go double platinum.

ReduxRating:  8/10

Trivia:  An instrument used on this song became part of the band's signature sound and also helped to give them a name. The melodica is a small keyboard instrument that makes sound when you blow through a small attached tube. It is a free-reed instrument so that when air is passed through it, installed reeds vibrate to make sound. The keyboard resembles and is used like a piano or organ. When a key is pressed, air will then be allowed through to make the note. The melodica can be heard in this song, most obviously at the very beginning, but some folks may also remember it from Cyndi Lauper's hit "Money Changes Everything" where it distinctly heard in the instrumental break of the song (played by Rob Hyman of The Hooters, actually). While the instrument has other names and nicknames, members of this band called it a "hooter" and since it was part of their sound, they decided to take on the name The Hooters.


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