Wednesday, September 13, 2017

"Mistake No. 3" by Culture Club

Song#:  2161
Date:  12/15/1984
Debut:  61
Peak:  33
Weeks:  13
Genre:  Pop, Blue-Eyed Soul

Pop Bits:  The Club's third album, Waking Up with the House on Fire, was off to a slow start. It's first single, "The War Song," stalled early at Pop at #17. The LP needed a boost and it was thought that perhaps this next ballad would do the trick. Unfortunately it didn't. The song faltered after reaching the Top 40 and retreated quickly. It got a little attention at AC where it reached #18 and it got to #61 at R&B, but it wasn't enough to make it a hit and help to sell albums. It would also be the last single released from the album.

ReduxReview:  This is a pretty, soulful ballad, but just wasn't a good single. The album wasn't loaded with hit material, so this one might have seemed like the best of the bunch. Whatever was chosen, it probably wasn't going to do any better. The album was rushed and it didn't give the band time to develop better songs. However, the album has some interesting tunes and wasn't as bad as some critics made it out to be. The whole thing was kind of a crash-n-burn for the group following two successful albums and a Grammy.

ReduxRating:  5/10

Trivia:  Although not released in the US, the track "The Medal Song" was issued in the UK. It didn't get very far reaching #32 on the chart. The song was loosely about Broadway and film actress Francis Farmer. Farmer's personal life would often eclipse her work. Diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia, Farmer found herself committed to institutions on several occasions. Her life was the subject of the 1982 film Frances, which starred Jessica Lange. Lange was nominated for a Best Actress Oscar for her portrayal. Her co-star, Kim Stanley would receive a nod for Best Supporting Actress.


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