Thursday, August 3, 2017

"Heaven (Must Be There)" by Eurogliders

Song#:  2120
Date:  11/10/1984
Debut:  79
Peak:  65
Weeks:  6
Genre:  New Wave

Pop Bits:  This Australian band signed on with Polygram Records and recorded a debut album in 1982. It didn't move very many units and with the label losing interest, the band got released from their contract and signed with CBS Records. They released a couple of lower charting singles in Australia before finally completing their second album This Island. As the album was released, this next single was issued. It took off and quickly became a big #2 hit in Australia. With the album reaching #4 there, it was time to test the waters in the US. The song was pushed out and it got a good reception at Rock reaching #21. It didn't quite catch on as well at Pop and it remained in the bottom half of the chart. It was enough to sell a few copies of the album, but that would be it for the band in the US. In Australia, their luck continued for a bit and they were able to grab a couple more Top 10's and release two more albums before breaking up.

ReduxReview:  I really want to like this song better. The opening verses are really lovely, but I think it's the chorus that throws me off a bit. It kind of interrupts the pretty, flowing mood they set from the top. I think if it had a sweeter chorus that was a bit less jarring, I'd be all about it. Still, it's a nice slice of Aussie new wave that unfortunately just didn't fully catch on here.

ReduxRating:  6/10

Trivia:  Double Shot!  1) Lead singer Grace Knight found herself with a second act music career in 1990. A mini-series based on the book Come in Spinner was being filmed in Australia and a producer on the series tapped Knight for work on the soundtrack. In addition, Knight would cameo in the movie as Lola, the local club singer. The story was set in the 40s, so Knight would be singing jazz standards. The series was a success and it spawned a soundtrack album that reached #4 on the chart. That success spurred Knight to do her own standards album. Stormy Weather was a success getting to #16. Knight would go on to record four more standards LPs.  2) What is a euroglider? Nothing! It was a name made up out of desperation. The band's original name, Living Single, had to be changed when they found out there was a UK band by the same name. With promotional materials being made for the band, they needed a new name pronto. So they did what a few other bands have done in the past. Write down some words on paper, toss them in a hat, and then draw to see what comes up. At one point the word "Euro" came up followed by "gliders." The combination of the words clicked with the band and the new name was approved.


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