Monday, March 20, 2017

"When You Close Your Eyes" by Night Ranger

Song#:  1980
Date:  07/14/1984
Debut:  72
Peak:  14
Weeks:  17
Genre:  Rock

Pop Bits:  The band's big ballad "Sister Christian" turned into a classic 80s hit when it reached #5 at Pop and #2 at Rock. It was taken from the band's second album Midnight Madness, as was this follow-up tune. It was another good hit for them that reached #7 at Rock and peaked just outside of the Pop Top 10. The dual hits pushed the LP to #15. It would also be the band's first album to reach platinum status.

ReduxReview:  I don't think the band could have come up with a better follow up to "Sister Christian." It moved them away from ballad mode into a pop/rock territory where folks like 38 Special resided. It helped that it was a solidly written song with a top-notch chorus. This could have easily slipped into the Top 10, but oddly stalled slightly short. They were hitting their stride with Midnight Madness and the success would continue with its follow-up.

ReduxRating:  7/10

Trivia:  This song was co-written by band member Alan Fitzgerald. In addition to his tenure in Night Ranger, Fitzgerald played keyboards for other artists like Van Halen and Bruce Springsteen. However, if you went to any of these shows where Fitzgerald performed, you most likely would not see him. His contributions to the show were made off stage. There are many artists and bands who utilize off-stage performers. The main reason for doing this is to enhance the sound of the performance while not crowding the stage with extra people and equipment. Bands may also relegate these folks to off-stage areas so that the crowd's focus stays on the actual band members instead of side musicians. Artists who do elaborate stage shows may also sequester the show's musicians off stage or in a pit in order to keep space clear for the performance, sets, and dancers. The off-stage musicians are typically given credit in programs and liner notes, but for the most part their role is kept quiet and out of sight.


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