Sunday, March 5, 2017

"Now It's My Turn" by Berlin

Song#:  1960
Date:  06/30/1984
Debut:  84
Peak:  74
Weeks:  4
Genre:  Synthpop, New Wave

Pop Bits:  Berlin got their first Top 40 hit with the #23 "No More Words." The song helped sell the associated album, Love Life, which got to #28. They had hopes this next single would do as well, but it could only muster a month in the bottom quarter of the Pop chart. Overall the album did well and eventually went gold, but it was a slight disappointment coming on the heels of their platinum LP Pleasure Victim.

ReduxReview:  If the indelible chorus of "No More Words" couldn't get that song into the Top 10, then there was little chance for this tune. It has a solid chorus and it's a great track from the album, but it is less catchy than "Words," which really was the album's best shot at a hit. They issued two more singles from the LP, "Dancing in Berlin" and "Touch," but neither could chart. Luckily, enough fans of the first album stuck around to make Love Life gold. I certainly did; and I'm still a fan of this album.

ReduxRating:  7/10

Trivia:  Founding member and main songwriter John Crawford and drummer Rob Brill later formed their own band called The Big F. In order to try and secure a record deal based on their music and not on their ties to Berlin, the pair changed their names to John Shreve and Rob Donin, respectively. Their hard-edged rock sound got the attention of Elektra Records and a self-titled debut album was issued in 1989. It failed to do any business, but the band got a second chance when Chrysalis released their second album, If, in 1993. Again, results were disappointing and that would bring an end to The Big F.


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