Friday, February 3, 2017

"Breakin'...There's No Stopping Us" by Ollie & Jerry

Top 10 Alert!
One-Hit Wonder Alert!
Song#:  1930
Date:  06/02/1984
Debut:  62
Peak:  9
Weeks:  18
Genre:  R&B, Dance, Soundtrack

Pop Bits:  Ollie E. Brown and Jerry Knight were session musicians who met up when Brown played drums on the 1978 debut album of the group Raydio, in which Knight was a member. Knight left Raydio after that album for a solo career. Brown played on Knight's third and final solo album in 1982 and that connection led to them developing a duo. They signed with Polydor and their first effort was this single that was recorded for the film Breakin'. The movie was a hit and this song followed suit getting into the Pop Top 10, #1 Dance, and #3 R&B. It appeared like the duo were on their way, but oddly there was no album on the horizon from the pair. They did record a follow-up song titled "Electric Boogaloo," which was used the the 1985 sequel film Breakin' 2: Electric Boogaloo, but it failed to chart at Pop and could only muster a minor #45 at R&B and #43 Dance. Following the dismal results, the duo split having never recorded a proper debut album. With just the one lone Pop hit to their name, the pair ended up getting tagged as one-hit wonders. 

ReduxReview:  Although definitely stuck in the 80s, this is still a slick sounding production on a song that still holds up well today. I think they threw about every synth effect and sound at this recording and somehow it all worked. It's a shame these guys didn't record a full album. They could obviously write catchy songs, Knight had a solid voice, and Brown's production work is over-the-top, experimental, and fun. Somehow, the opportunity slipped away and we were basically left with this terrific single and the good, but less effective "Electric Boogaloo."

ReduxRating:  8/10

Trivia:  Brown continued to perform as a session musician for many years. He later gave it up and moved over to work in the real estate industry. Knight turned to songwriting and penned songs for several R&B artists like The Whispers and DeBarge. He would end up co-writing most of the songs on the 1985 debut album of the R&B/pop group The Jets, including their #3 Pop/#4 R&B hit "Crush on You." Prior to forming this duo, Knight grabbed two solo Top 20 R&B chart entries with 1980's "Overnight Sensation" (#17) and 1981's "Perfect Fit" (#16). Neither song could dent the Pop chart.



  1. Jerry Knight sadly passed away in 1996 aged 44 and is buried in Los Angeles
    Rest in peace

    1. Yes, sadly a cancer victim. Gone way too young.

  2. Ollie was also responsible for the song "They're So Incredible" from the Revenge Of The Nerds film, which is perhaps better known as the song that the nerds cover/perform during the Greek Carnival. The song is credited to the artist "Revenge"; I don't know why.