Saturday, January 28, 2017

"So You Ran" by Orion the Hunter

Song#:  1924
Date:  06/02/1984
Debut:  88
Peak:  58
Weeks:  8
Genre:  Rock

Pop Bits:  The band Boston became highly successful thanks to their 17-million selling 1976 self-titled debut album and its 7-million selling 1978 follow-up Don't Look Back. When it came time to record their third LP, group leader Tom Schultz was in no rush. In addition to be notoriously picky, Schultz decided to modify his home studio and also chose to start his own tech company. These time consuming ventures didn't sit well with the band's label and when an album delivery date came and went, that was the last straw for the label and a lawsuit ensued. Since all of this added up to an extended hiatus, Schultz told the other band members to pursue other projects until things got settled. Guitarist Barry Goudreau decided to branch out and in 1981 released a self-titled solo album. It featured assistance from two other members of Boston and so the label decided to market it using their Boston affiliation. This didn't sit well with Schultz and when the dust settled, Goudreau was out of Boston. Now on his own, Goudreau decided to form a new band. The group got signed to Portrait records and by mid-'84 their self-titled debut was ready for release. This first single got things started and Rock was receptive sending it to #7. Some crossover action happened and the tune got near the halfway mark at Pop. Despite the hit and the album getting to #57, it seemed the band wasn't working out and they parted ways the following year.

ReduxReview:  I became aware of this song thanks to its appearance on an 80s compilation. At the time, I didn't know who made up the band and I remember thinking, "hmm...this sounds like a Boston rip-off." Guess I was right! That chorus and guitar/production work is straight out of the Boston playbook. The verse is a bit more pop-oriented, but there is no mistaking the origins of that chorus. I don't mind the tune as it's pretty good, but why would anyone want to sound even remotely similar to the band they just left? Unless, of course, you want that connection as a selling point. I'm not sure if that is the case here or if this was just what they were comfortable doing (perhaps it was all they knew how to do). Whatever the case, what we are left with is a first-rate imitation of second-rate Boston material.

ReduxRating:  6/10

Trivia:  Double Shot!  1) The original name of the band was simply Orion. However, the film company Orion Pictures wasn't pleased with the name choice and some legal issues were raised, so the band then became Orion the Hunter.  2) In a strange twist, the lead singer of the band, Fran Cosmo, would later become the lead singer for Boston. Cosmo did all the main vocals for the band's 1994 album Walk On and a few for their 2002 follow-up Corporate America. Cosmo remained with the band until 2009.



  1. Goudreau and Boston singer Brad Delp formed RTZ and released an album in 1991. It has several great songs, and it has more of a basic pop/rock sound and is less like Boston than OTH was.

    1. Yes, I actually like RTZ's sound a bit better. "Face the Music" was pretty great and was a #5 Rock hit. Sadly, it hit in 1991 so I won't cover it or the band for this blog!