Sunday, October 9, 2016

"No Parking (On the Dance Floor)" by Midnight Star

Song#:  1813
Date:  03/03/1984
Debut:  93
Peak:  81
Weeks:  8
Genre:  R&B, Funk, Dance

Pop Bits:  Midnight Star's fourth album became a double-platinum hit due to a pair of R&B Top 10's that included the #2 "Freak-A-Zoid" (#66 Pop). They tried to keep the ball rollin' with this third single that served as the album's title track. Unfortunately, it didn't come close to matching the success of the previous two singles capping out at #43 R&B, #44 Dance, and #81 Pop.

ReduxReview:  I thought this was a much bigger hit than the lowly peaks at R&B/Pop would suggest. I'm not sure why I remember this song so well, but it must have received enough airplay somewhere to get ingrained in my brain. If you had asked me to name Midnight Star's biggest hit, I'd most likely say this one, but that was far from the case. Regardless, it is my favorite groove of theirs and I have included it in several of my playlists. It should have done a lot better on all three charts. Luckily, I think it has had a pretty good after-chart life so it is definitely not forgotten.

ReduxRating:  8/10

Trivia:  Several artists have sampled this song in their own recordings including the band Sugar Ray. They used samples of the song in their 2003 track "Mr. Bartender (It's So Easy)." That song would serve as the lead single from their fifth album In Pursuit of Leisure. It would reach #20 on the Top Adult Pop Songs chart, but it would fail to make the main Pop chart.



  1. In my last house, the guy behind us in the alley wrote "No Parking" (in quotes for some reason), on his weird shed which we're pretty sure he was dealing drugs in. Every time my wife and I went out back, I'd sing "No Parking baby, no parking near my drug door..."