Friday, August 5, 2016

"Give It Up" by KC

Song#:  1740
Date:  12/24/1983
Debut:  67
Peak:  18
Weeks:  21
Genre:  Pop, Dance

Pop Bits:  KC and the Sunshine Band had a successful run of hits in the 70s grabbing five #1's and one #2. Their dance/disco sound made them famous, but the band soon found themselves as one of the victims of the disco backlash. KC would grab a #2 duet hit with Teri DeSario in 1979, "Yes, I'm Ready," but success with his band was not happening. Their first two albums of the 80s completely tanked and a third one, 1982's All in a Night's Work, was headed for the same fate. This first single was issued and then promptly disappeared. However, in the summer of '83, the song started to get some action in the UK. By August it was #1 and it stayed there for three weeks. It helped the album become the band's second to chart in the UK. With the success overseas, KC was looking to get the single reissued in the US. However, the band's label, Epic, had little interest in doing so. Undeterred, KC formed his own label, Meca, and put the song out himself crediting it to just "KC." It slowly climbed the chart until finally peaking inside the Top 20 (#24 Dance). Although the song wasn't as big of a hit as it was in the UK, it was still a win for KC and it briefly revived interest in the band. An album titled KC Ten was released, but it could only manage a #93 showing. The whole thing was a bit much for KC and he decided to call it a day brought an end to his career in 1985. Of course he would return to music in the early 90s when a revival of disco generated interest in the band. They would release three albums over the years and have continued to tour since.

ReduxReview:  I completely forgot about this song. I didn't really hook into it back then, but if I heard this on the radio now, I'd be like "ooo - what is that fun retro song?" There is not much to the tune. It's just a steady groove with few chord changes, but it has a catchy chorus and the instrumental and horn sections are pretty sweet. I'm glad it got a second chance and was able to chart. The song is just plain fun. I may just have to find this for my 80s and dance playlists.

ReduxRating:  7/10

Trivia:  Back before KC and the Sunshine band hit it big, two members, Harry Wayne Casey (KC) and Richard Finch worked up a song that was to be for their band. However, the vocal part ended up being too demanding and they sought out a singer. Soul vocalist Gwen McCrae was called in, but she was delayed getting to the studio so since her husband George was already there, they had him give it a go. The results were terrific and it got George a recording contract. The song, "Rock Your Baby," would be released in 1974 and would hit #1 at Pop and R&B. Unfortunately, McCrae wouldn't be able to get another major hit on the Pop chart and became a one-hit wonder of the era.


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  1. In my top 10 of the decade. My favorite KC song ever. Band or not.