Wednesday, May 25, 2016

"Why Me?" by Irene Cara

Song#:  1666
Date:  10/22/1983
Debut:  56
Peak:  13
Weeks:  15
Genre:  Synthpop, Dance

Pop Bits:  Cara hit it big early in 1983 with her #1 single "Flashdance...What a Feeling," the title song from the film Flashdance. It would be a gold record that would ultimately win a Grammy and an Oscar. Co-written by Cara, Keith Forsey and Giorgio Moroder (and produced by Moroder), the experience proved fruitful for all. Cara and Moroder then decided to continue their work relationship and set out to record tracks for Cara's next solo album. Titled What a Feelin', the album featured seven more tracks co-written by the pair along with the "Flashdance" title-track and three other new tunes with all but one track produced by Moroder. To kick off the album, this first single (co-written once again with Forsey) was selected for release. The song did well on the Dance chart getting to #7 and seemed like it was going to go Top 10 at Pop, but it stopped a bit shy at #13. It was still a good result and it gave Cara her fourth Top 20 entry.

ReduxReview:  The Cara/Moroder pairing worked so well that making an album together seemed like the logical next step and the results were quite good. This lead single, while no "Flashdance," was a nice chunk of synthpop/rock that probably should have just sneaked into the Top 10, but its #13 result was not bad at all. The only problem I have with the song is the album version of the tune, which goes on for a long time for no real reason. That probably should have been reserved for the dance mix. The single version is much more concise and easier to digest and it should have been on the album instead. Regardless, it's a good song and a worthy follow-up to "Flashdance."

ReduxRating:  7/10

Trivia:  Long before Cara's film and music career took off, she had a part in a children's television show. The Electric Company was a PBS program that began airing in 1971 and ran through 1977. Its cast featured legit stars like Bill Cosby and Rita Moreno, but also included a few soon-to-be stars like Morgan Freeman and Cara. For the show, Cara performed as part of a band called Short Circus. For the role, she took on the name Iris and performed on vocals and tambourine. She was with the show for two seasons before moving on to other projects.


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