Friday, April 8, 2016

"Heart and Soul" by Huey Lewis & the News

Top 10 Alert!
Song#:  1605
Date:  09/10/1983
Debut:  83
Peak:  8
Weeks:  21
Genre:  Rock

Pop Bits:  This band's second album, Picture This, was a gold-level hit that produced the #7 single "Do You Believe in Love?" To capitalize on momentum, they quickly recorded a follow-up album. Unfortunately, their label was having issues and the band refused to hand over the tapes to the label until things were settled. In the meantime, they continued to tour and incorporated the new songs into their sets. Finally, more than year later the label had their house in order and Lewis & the News turned in their recordings. The new album, Sports, finally got issued a year and nine months after Picture This. Luckily for them, the touring paid off and the album got off to a good start with this lead single, which became their second Top 10 hit. It would help push the album to a #6 peak, but that would not be its final stopping point. More hits and attention would come their way over the coming year.

ReduxReview:  I don't think they could have picked a better song to introduce the album. It's a terrific pop song that the band amp'd up with some crunchy guitars. Combined with a solid arrangement and a good MTV video, a winner was born. I loved this song when it came out and bought the single right away. However, like a lot of folks, I didn't buy the album until much later. The band would have some more quality singles ahead, but for me this remains my favorite Lewis/News song.

ReduxRating:  9/10

Trivia:  This is a remake of a tune written by the songwriting team of Mike Chapman and Nicky Chinn, who penned hits for Toni Basil ("Mickey," #1, 1982), Exile ("Kiss You All Over," #1, 1978) and other artists. Initially, this song was given to Exile and it became the title track to their 1981 album. It was issued as a single, but it failed to chart. The following year, the L.A. rock n' roll band The BusBoys recorded the song for their second LP American Worker. It was not issued as a single. Lewis and crew then got a-hold of the tune and made it into this hit.


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