Wednesday, March 30, 2016

"Delirious" by Prince

Top 10 Alert!
Song#:  1596
Date:  09/03/1983
Debut:  74
Peak:  8
Weeks:  18
Genre:  R&B

**No sound for this entry here folks - his royal purpleness prefers you use Tidal and deleted his stuff from everything else. I'm a Spotify guy so I guess I'll have to jam to my Prince CDs.**

Pop Bits:  After Prince scored his first Top 10 Pop hit with "Little Red Corvette" (#4), a reissue of the title track to his album 1999 bounced up to #12. A third single was called for and this funky jam was released. Although it faltered a bit at R&B getting only to #18, Pop audiences loved the track and gave Prince his second Top 10. The hit continued to generate album sales and over time the LP would eventually hit the 4 million mark.

ReduxReview:  That dang goofy keyboard riff is infectious, funny, and annoying. Prince turned a basic 12-bar blues into this jittery, kooky tune that seemed to tickle a lot of Pop listeners. I like the song, but it has never been one of my favorites in his catalog. A listen every once in a while is fun, but I don't hit the repeat button. That keyboard lick can start to grate my nerves raw if it goes on for too long. This Top 10'er has gotten lost over the years, mainly because Prince has a catalog of far superior classics that have pretty much buried it. And I'm actually fine with that.

ReduxRating:  6/10

Trivia:  His single moniker is actually his real name. He was born Prince Rogers Nelson. The name comes from his father, John Nelson, who was a musician. The elder Nelson went by the stage name of Prince Rogers. He had a jazz band called the Prince Rogers Trio, which featured his wife Mattie on vocals. Nelson would bestow his stage name upon their first child. Prince was the first child of John and Mattie, but he was John's fifth child. John had four children from a previous marriage. John and Mattie would have two more children before separating in 1966.


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