Wednesday, January 20, 2016

"After the Fall" by Journey

Song#:  1526
Date:  07/09/1983
Debut:  62
Peak:  23
Weeks:  12
Genre:  Rock

Pop Bits:  After two hits from their Frontiers LP, including the #8 "Separate Ways (Worlds Apart)," Journey issued this third single that came close to the Top 20. It wasn't as popular as the first two singles and it also faltered at Rock where it could only reach #30.

ReduxReview:  I thought this mid-tempo tune was a good follow-up to their epic ballad "Faithfully" (#12). The rock is dialed back and Jonathan Cain's and Steve Perry's pop sensibilities shine through. I wouldn't peg it for a major hit, but this track certainly sounded nice on the radio.

ReduxRating:  6/10

Trivia:  Later in the year, this song would end up in the Tom Cruise film Risky Business. Although more known for using Bob Seger's "Old Time Rock and Roll" in an iconic scene, the soundtrack boasted this song plus others by Prince and Phil Collins. However, half the album was filled with selections from the score written by the German electronic band Tangerine Dream. Their experimental recordings were popular and influential, but they never made a huge impact in the US, whereas they were quite popular in other countries - especially they UK where fourteen of their studio albums charted including 1975's #10 Rubycon. Their best US Pop album chart showing came in 1986 when their score to the film Legend reached #96. However, after the US New Age chart was established, twelve of their albums would find their way on it. Their best-selling LP in the US was 1988's Optical Race, which hit #2 on the New Age chart and #15 on the Contemporary Jazz chart. (I always remember them for their eerie score to the 1977 William Friedkin film "Sorcerer." Friedkin has said that had he known of the band earlier, he would have had them score his classic film The Exorcist.)


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